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Bapu’s Lament©

I lived a dream, and paid with lead shots
Fired from an assassin’s hand.
Never thought my life was precious
To be lived out in craven fear.
A nation yet to be born
Needs lives of men, paid
Freely and in blood; this price
I paid and deemed it not too dear.

My body is dead but where be my soul?
The assassins they all, to make it seem a foul thing!

I lived a dream, and fought for people
Long lived as slaves in torpor,
Unstirred by fine ideals of noble race
Who would rather break the fetters
And die than live a lie.
In my soul I saw their soul mirrored,
A dream it was to give the soul my all,-
Paid the price to be made as one.

My body is dead but where be my soul?
It’s dragged round and through dust uncared for.

I lived a dream, and home-spun spirit
Cared not for things that people
Buy and sell with an eye to profit;
In my soul I thought their spirit
Would follow and soar far above
To nobler realms of freedom,-
In thought and actions inspire,
Vivid and bold like the pole-star!

My body is dead but where be my soul?
It is safe now in the vaults of some Swiss Banks.


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