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Animal Farm Revisited

Mr. Monkey managed to be elected as the Commissar of the internal Security. Mr. Terrier also was angling for the same position. But  Mr. Rooster and Mr. Badger had a great interest in Monkey for he had entertained them all for long. When the animal population put to vote Mr. Monkey won the election easily.
Of course running the farm was not well thought of either by the electorate or by the Election Commission. The farm went from bad to worse. So Mr. Monkey addressed to the whole community and said, “ The farm has gone to the dogs. Nothing short of blood, sweat and tears can save us, now. Let the dray horses work round the clock,- instead of the present sunset till sundown.  The oxen need to plough a little more harder. Perhaps your sacrifices will bail us out of our present predicament.”
Mr. Terrier stood up and said, “ When you ought to have worked our weal you played the fool. When time called for good counsel you gave us a load of platitudes and half-truths.”
Mr. Rooster had to agree Mr. Terrier was right. He consoled Mr. Monkey saying, “ Never mind when the farmer sells the farm,- lock,stock and barrel, you can ask the new owner if he needs some monkey tricks.”


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