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2 Peter 1:20 no prophecy of Scripture came about by the prophet’s own interpretation. 21For prophecy never had its origin in the will of man, but men spoke from God as they were carried along by the Holy Spirit.

Here we have the real authorship of The Bible. Men spoke from God as they were carried along by the Holy Spirit. One fifth of the Scriptures it seems deals with some kind of prophesy. The Bible is more than prophesy: it is a book where God, Spirit and Man are conjoined. The Trinity in short and these three aspects of God are in agreement.

Each aspect of God is involved: Will of God is Imagination of God implied. Holy Spirit sets it in operation. The Will of God is fulfilled through the agency of Man. Spirit of man catches its intent through visions, dreams, symbols or through angels.

Take the creation account in Genesis. In the first chapter of Genesis the verse begins ‘In the beginning God created heaven and the earth’. A terse statement. Another statement a little later on : ‘male and female he created them’. In the will of God they are as one even before woman is created in the process given with more details. This detailing is from the standpoint of the Holy Spirit. In the chapter 2 ( chapter divisions came later) we get to read how  it was done. For instance God caused a deep sleep over Adam, the bone from his rib is used for His purpose, then closed with flesh etc., The details are of immense value for a Christian. The simple fact the epistles and gospels keep referring to these makes the agency of Holy Spirit as vital.  For example Adam exclaims

Gen 2:23 “This is now bone of my bones
and flesh of my flesh;

Later in the New testament Eph. 5 we find how the verse 23 resonates giving us a hint of Christ’s mission on earth. The Word was made flesh and lived among men. This also echoes when John the divine speaks of the New Jerusalem. We see that we are built where we live with God Rev.21 1-3

The Nature of the Church of Christ has its reference on the verse quoted. Adam’s revelation holds true for our relationship with Christ. Eph 5:23For the husband is the head of the wife as Christ is the head of the church, his body, of which he is the Savior. 1Cor 11.3 God is the head of Christ.

Holy Spirit reveals and illuminates our place in the Will of God. Only Bible can do this.

First Adam was created and the woman later. It points to the preeminence of Christ over us. Holy Spirit reveals time and time again some essential truths. One of these is:we are made righteous through Christ before God.

Obedience of man in its execution makes him an integral part. Thus whatever Adam named His creatures(birds of the air and beasts of the earth) were so. Man is instrument of God’s Will as much as of God the Holy Spirit.

One important point a reader has to keep in mind is that the Book carries different perspectives in consonance with the agencies involved here.So in order to get the most out of it we have to put ourselves in the right spirit. With humility and faith that we need to hear the Will of God we ought to approach our reading. Not only hear the word also make it part of us is required. This way a reader creates himself as an instrument.

There is a literary form called slipstream. When we consider the Word of God we need to see it is nothing new.  Slipstream* of Holy Spirit creates its own form. A reader who does not take trouble to understand from which standpoint it is written is likely to get confused. If he accepts it from the perspective of Holy Spirit it touches a familiar chord as ‘deep calls unto the deep.’ If he takes the reading from a literal point of view he may view it as hard and contrary to common sense.In his own generation many dismissed his teachings as hard.

Is God being contrary? No He is not.

Our lack of understanding of Godhead speaks for our ignorance of His Will. The Bible is our guide. God the Father, God the Spirit and God the Son make the reading of Word bears His Will as expressed through each agency.

When as a school boy I learned light was a wave and later as a particle. I accepted these as a matter of course. Science can well explain quantum mechanics as explaining the macro universe and it is in a way that is at variance with macro cosmos. The singularity in explaining Origin of universe is allowed. If so cannot the Bible keep singularity of His Will? For man it is foolishness even though such ‘singularities’ bear annotations from Holy Spirit or from Man. The Word of God must be accepted as working with several perspectives of God, Holy Spirit and from Man. For example as mentioned earlier the Creation account is one sentence. Then its working out by Holy Spirit. The Scriptures also carry ample evidences of man, whose office is usually that of a prophet. Prophesies of man, for example Ezekiel as he is carried in his spirit enables him to record the vision of dry bones. These visions are of course limited in scope but intended for a nation or for man. Daniel’s interpretation of the writing on the wall is one such. Ezekiel’s vision of an army of dry bones was for the house of Israel.

The most fantastic and also wondrous is that imagination of of God (His Will) has a parallel in the manner Holy Spirit makes it come to pass. In the book Luke the father of John the Baptist is given a sign since he didn’t believe. He remained mute till what the angel foretold became true. It is often through human agency the Will of God is driven home.

The Three perspectives of God,Holy Spirit and Man are in agreement. This may be reason why Simon Peter is told whatever binds on earth will be bound in heaven as well. In such a case do we take the scope of the book ias limited on this side of heaven?


Imagination of man may be intuitive or analytical. Thus Charles Darwin writes the natural selection and his theory of evolution is only a different perspective of creative account of God. As a rational man I tried to account for a balanced view of God’s Word and man’s word. The more I delved it it more in awe I stand of God’s Creative Power. Where I am left with no clear answers from the passages in His Word I know these will be illumined and made clear in His Time. Jesus said in emphatic terms the heavens and the earth shall pass away but His words shall never. So what we understand is like through glass darkly.

I would be foolish to think the word of God is only for a certain period when our only vocabulary is as limited as common sense. And our instruments as rudimentary as our mind. We are following screwdriver technology in a world of some say 10 dimensions. Earlier we took our world for three and with Einstein we have time as the fourth dimension. Such gradual unfolding of our understanding does not rule out multi dimensional states our being. At best we leave the complexity of the Will of God to our own limitations. The Emmaus experience of hereafter will make us see much more into the bottomless depths of the Scriptures.

note*slipstream definition from answers.com:

The turbulent flow of air driven backward by the propeller or propellers of an aircraft. Also called race. Example: To drive or cycle in the slipstream of a vehicle ahead.



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(This note on Multiverse accompanies the sketch posted earlier in the day.b)

Think of tree of life where every species is part and parcel of it. Species sometimes do not make it. Darwinian Natural Selection gives some chance to perpetuate genetic push through their off-springs much longer than others. Trees shed leaves as species die out. Stars die and give birth to another. Such changes are natural any where in the multiverse.
What interests me is the space where such changes take place. Multiverse like a tree has dug its roots deep into Cosmos has its abstract part. Life and death of stars go on endlessly in the back drop of the eternal aspect of Intelligence. The same space that uphold multiverse is in the micro cosmos that keeps atoms apart. The same space therefore is right through in our being. We are held together by same laws that uphold multiverse.
How well we preserve our intelligence or exercise power? Power that allows new universes to be created or die in order to create yet new universes work with  us. However so little of that that we exercise for good proclaim the same Power and Intelligence that is without.

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All life forms are of equal weight in context of Oneness of Things. Thus a man may be felled by a virus strain while a woolly mammoth could be brought down by a gnat. Size is of no consequence.
Natural selection is where each species have succeeded in compensating their inadequacies in other areas at every turn on account of  their success in making opportunities to their advantage.
Representational dispensation in the lexicon of Nature gives rise to two laws, namely law of deprivation and law of compensation.

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Representational dispensation when  transcribed in secular idiom works differently. Nature has a way of balancing the disproportionate demand by life forms collectively on her resources. Natural calamities and wars are all part of her game plan.  Take the case of Santorini island. ‘The island is the site of one of the largest volcanic eruptions the planet has ever seen: the Minoan eruption (sometimes called the Thera eruption), which occurred some 3,600 years ago at the height of the Minoan civilization may have led indirectly to the collapse of the Minoan civilization on the island of Crete’.(ack:wikipedia) This could have led to the flowering of language, arts and crafts in the Greek Mainland.  A cosmic impact may wipe off the dinosaurs but it is a push for species who are precariously trying to get a foothold in the evolutionary ladder. Thus Oneness of Things sees to spread the good and evil alike. In 2006 Israel engaged their troops to fight Hizbollah who were holed up in Lebanon. While many were shedding tears for the Lebanese civilians who are caught up in the war there was a little known matter of  some 20000 Filipino girls who were stuck there. These girls from poor families were promised higher pay by their Lebanese /Arab masters and when they were brought in their papers and passports had been confiscated. But for the war these maids would have been continuing as slaves. The war at least liberated these maids from their wretched lot to find their way back home. War by itself is despicable manifestation of greed and ambition but if this conflict could bring about relief to those who are subject to unmitigated horror of slavery as described above let us not waste our tears for the ways of Oneness of Things.

In one of my earlier posts  ( Love makes the World Go round- Dec8,’08)  the analogy of pollutants being carried around by tides is apt in case of our lives. Human civilization is like man made effluent.
We benefit from several areas as marine birds, bivalves do and how we put our strengths to use also differ. Since Oneness of Things is impartial in letting the results, both good and bad in human civilization, to spread around no one can conclude that Oneness is unjust to allow what we consider as an evil to live on.
If one finds evil has crept in what he or she holds as dear it is the duty of that person to do whatever in his or her power to fight it. Sympathy from one who has allowed knowingly evil to prosper (by silence) is from the lips and does not go any deeper.

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In my opinion every inspiration that tends to do good and in its onward progression leaves room for more good than ill is from Holy Spirit. Being a Christian of course I ascribe this pulse that animates every living thing,- for example maternal instinct of a rodent is no less set off by it than altruistic motive in us, as holy and an aspect of godhead. What is in a name, folks? Holy Spirit is wisdom in its exposition whether in secular or any other context. Thus every life form has something to contribute for the whole.
Natural selection is the way Nature follows the dictates of the Holy Spirit. Think of Nature like a roulette wheel and it is the Holy Spirit that gives it a spin. Of course it is a continuous motion: God has set it in operation and only God can command ‘halt’.
Holy Spirit as Inspiration. Under its influence St. Peter could discern Jesus of Nazareth was Christ, the Son of God. What did Jesus say to a revelation that he never did divulge to him? ‘Blessed art thou,…for flesh and blood hath not revealed it unto thee, but my Father which is in heaven.’(St. Mat 16:15—17)
God’s intent is put into operation though the agency of the Holy Spirit. That office was very much evident while God set out to bring order out of chaos. In the first chapter we read God commanded waters under the heavens to come together to form Seas. It was so.(vs.7) The Spirit of God moved through the face of the waters. Of this we read in so many details in the chapter 2. Evolution of the earth from chaos to order meant every atom in our material world was sensitized and had caught the glory of His spirit. Thus if at quantum level fundamental particles should behave in a certain mode and in macrocosmos in another it still follows an order that was received at the Creation Day.
‘There went up a mist from the earth,…’ The waters had seen the glory of God and it made no difference if there were waters separated by the introduction of a firmament. (The earth and the fullness thereof belongs to God.) If matter can thus be inspired to create conditions for life how much more man who is the very image of God?

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Oneness of Things each life form expresses in so many ways. It  is a biological imperative in one sense.

Every species follows a core idea: thus species of a bird living in a secure environment with no known predator around consider wings are an unnecessary appendage. It is an idea. Dodo was such a bird found in the forests of Mauritius east of Madagascar. Raphus culcullatus was a pigeon-like bird known to weigh some 17 kilograms and the last bird became extinct in late 1600. First sighted by Dutch sailors the species in a matter of 174 years died out. Unfortunately the Portuguese seamen who made their landfall upon this remote island found the meat a delicacy. It is often said they were responsible for their untimely demise. Really? These ponderous and wingless birds were in the habit of laying eggs on the surface: and it had much to do with their undoing. Yes, the Portuguese sailors hunted them for their meat. But rats, monkeys and pigs brought by sailors and left behind did the rest. Extinction was a foregone conclusion with so many accidents adding up.
To sum: in islands where no threat of predators exists life forms thrive and tend to be bigger. Dodo needed no wings.  Nature plays a role in giving species certain directions in their evolution; also would nature of man in either destroying them or preserving them. Did Oneness of Things have a role to play in their extinction? I do not think so.  Evenso fall of sparrow and of man do make an entry in the collective consciouness of life.

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Western democracy drew muscle from Greek model while Adolph Hitler was much impressed with Spartan model and it led him to a totalitarian form of government. Inspiration from ancient history or from social malaise of the day leads man to seize control. Or think of a prophet who sees visions of Zion and takes control of the state. His mission is to form a theocratic state but ensures his authority by fire and sword. Isn’t such mad prophet also working under inspiration?

Think of Oneness of Things as Truth, a constant. God is Truth while inspiration is the office of Holy Spirit. The man who wants to take control and impose his will over others is working with love. I mean love of power. It doesn’t matter if it is for good or bad.  Love and inspiration of life forms do two things: changeability of  circumstances give every man an opportunity to test his love and the spirit that animates him. It also is Nature’s way of equipping species with survival skills. Species who make a niche in the rain forests draw from experience, and their survival in micro climate under inspiration describe Darwin’s theory. Natural selection it is called.

Tailspin:Truth, Inspiration and Love signify Trinity in secular vocabulary.


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