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On New Year Eve, 2011

I Will Not Toast to this Year©

I will not toast to this Year
As new as any day breaking:
Silently as a dream sleepwalking,
Men’s fears horripilating
And with beads of sweat rising
From each downy hair-
It is no toast to a day lived to the full
Nor to a dream yet to occur;
So I shall just fare the days spent well
No more see their veiled sleep;
Oh the year that lay fresh in the grave
Throw I these roses softer than a sigh
To buy your silence and a blessing:
For the shroud I weave from roses
Yet to bloom; it is no toast to borrow
From a day never dawned before.
I will not toast to this Year
However fair or foul it prove in time
Yet I will not toast to this Year.

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