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Light of my Life is not the light of your life

It was Isaac Newton who from series of experiments postuated that light is a spectrum of 7 colors. We also believe from the colors we see in a rainbow. The red light along one edge of the rainbow is electromagnetic radiation with a wavelength of about 620 to 750 nanometres; the violet light along the opposite edge is radiation with a wavelength of 380 to 450nm.

But there is far more to electromagnetic radiation than these visible colours. Light with wavelengths slightly longer than the red light we see is called infrared. Light with wavelengths slightly shorter than violet is called ultraviolet.

Many animals can actually see ultraviolet, and so can some people, says Eleftherios Goulielmakis of the Max Planck Institute of Quantum Optics in Garching, Germany. In some circumstances even infrared is visible to humans.

Beyond ultraviolet, electromagnetic wavelengths can go shorter than 100nm. This is the realm of X-rays and gamma rays. You won’t often hear X-rays described as a form of light.

“A scientist wouldn’t say ‘I’m shining X-ray light on the target’. They would say ‘I’m using X-rays’,” says Goulielmakis.

Meanwhile, go beyond infrared and electromagnetic wavelength stretches to 1cm and even up to thousands of kilometres. These electromagnetic waves are given familiar names like microwaves and radio waves. It may seem strange to think of the radio waves used in broadcasting as light.

“There is no real physical difference between radio waves and visible light from the point of view of physics,” says Goulielmakis. “You would describe them with exactly the same sort of equations and mathematics.” It’s only our everyday language that treats them as different.

So we have another definition of light. It is the very narrow range of electromagnetic radiation that our eyes can actually see. In other words, light is a subjective label that we only use because our senses are limited.


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At the Altamira Caves©

A group of prehistoric men camped in the Upper Paleolithic caves Spain thought they were guided by some unseen hand. From where they stood they could see in the valley below such abundant wild-life, which they could hunt. There was plenty of meat to go round. Because it was a coastal area they also fished and it gave some variety to their diet. When they painted the caves they were in a manner of speaking thanking whatever made them seek that part of rocky outcrop.
‘Imagination no doubt.’ One wizened man exclaimed.
‘But from where it came to us?’ The young braves queried.
The old man replied, ‘ By the same source that made us leave our history along the walls.’
They didn’t get it so they pressed him to explain. ‘Would we have left these paintings behind if we did not think we would be found?’
Later when roof of a cave collapsed they decided it was time to move on.
As they filed their way to safer regions the old man asked the group of hunter-gatherers who were responsible for painting the walls,’ Don’t you want to leave your signature?’
‘Whatever for?’ perplexed they were at the question, ‘ we were merely the hand that obeyed Imagination whatever it is.’ In our exercising the imagination we prove we are part of a dream at the centre of which holds an Absolute quality.
Let me quote Carlyle”For indeed it is well said,’in every object there is inexhaustible meaning: the eye sees in it what the eye brings means of seeing.’ To Newton and Newton’s dog Diamond, what a different pair of universe; while the painting on the optical retina of both was, most likely the same!’( French Revolution./Book I.1.2)
When you look at the immensities do you trace the lineaments of God or Allah and think It gave you the right to demolish those who didn’t see it the way you did?
Wherever one is, that the Centre of Immensities,-for believer, theist, agnostic atheist alike. Centre of Immensities is an expression of Carlyle and I find in him some similarities.

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Let us talk of graves, of worms and epitaphs,’ (Richard II-Shakespeare)
An epitaph according to Irvin S. Cobb(1876-1944) is a ‘belated advertisement for a line of goods that has been permanently discontinued’. I shall cite some epitaphs here.
Here lies
Ezekiel Aikle
Aged 102
The Good
Die Young.

Then you can be sure your friend would know you better than most.(OK That is what you think.) Late Hotten had his friends.
One summed up the dear departed in three words:

This brings me to mind of a prayer,’Lord,save me from my friends.’
Robert Burns the national poet of Scotland was lucky to see the last of great many.
Of Lord Galloway he wrote thus:
Bright ran thy line,O Galloway,
Thro’ many a far- fam’d sire;
So ran the far-fam’d Roman Way,
So ended in a mire!’
Uncharacteristically William Blake had some thing to observe on Sir Joshua Reynolds the painter.
O Reader behold the philosopher’s grave!
He was born quite a fool but he died quite a knave.
JC Squire(1884-1958) had this to comment on Einstein, and he merely dusted Alexander Pope’s celebrated lines on Newton for the occasion.

‘It did not last:the Devil, bowling Ho!
Let Einstein be! restored the status quo
(ack:Second Book of Insults-Nancy McPhee/Chancellor Press-1982)

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Is Chance a card up in the sleeve of Life?
One may interpret Life as Oneness of Things, God or any other. Now Chance is quite something else. Let me cite two examples. In the case of Archimedes he discovered a secret of his physical world while he had his bath. The secret was always there,- only that his inspiration cracked it open while he was engaged in a very mundane act of a bath. Isaac Newton similarly hit upon another secret- the law of attraction, while an apple fell to the ground. Chance is not chance if the secret was bound to be broken given the possibility displacement of water occurs every time. Thus Archimedes needed time but discover he did to solve a problem that he was faced with.
By the same token mutation is not chance but a certainty that is bound to happen given the various factors that bear upon a copying process.
Consider the earth some 500 million years ago,-The atmosphere of earth had little or no oxygen at all to begin with. What processes would have gone make it life- friendly would have also led to the building blocks of proteins,- sugars, nucleic acids and amino acids. In such a ‘serendipitous’ sequence of events creation of a crucial compound called DNA on one hand and mutation on other hand were likely to happen. Life originated with DNA. For all these to happen it may have taken some 100 million years. Uniqueness of dioxyribonucleic acid lies in the fact that it can replicate itself; It also acts as a blueprint for manufacture of amino acids. DNA has only four basic molecules arranged in a particular sequence which specifies how the twenty or so amino acids should be arranged in a particular protein, how much is to be made and when. During the DNA copying process, a fault may occur due to varying reasons but what results out of an imperfect copy of DNA are proteins of different sequence-mutation it is called- giving rise to evolution. Chance is worked into evolution. Mutation is as a result of Ultraviolet rays, gamma radiations and sometimes certain chemicals also could often have interrupted the DNA copying process: all these occurring at the level of genes or a set of genes do not stretch the credulity considering the millions of years it has taken for life-forms to evolve. The main point is that while life-forms got altered DNA itself has remained unaltered.
Chance is the froth, a kind of smokescreen that working of several certainties impinge upon our consciousness. Oneness of Things works on certainty since Truth is the restframe against which it can lay down its absolutism. If the Holy Spirit writes, God created heaven and earth in the beginning it is based on certainty. Certainty of Truth. Godhead cannot deny itself and be absolute. Whereas our rational mind wrestles with truth of nature. Hence we support Evolution from a mode that I aver is uncertain mode. In such a mode chance seems as good as a rational mind, imperfect at that, can support.

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