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1896- Lumiere brothers organize the first screenings in Malmo, Sweden.

1905-first movie theater in Sweden by N.H. Nylander.

1907-The swedes Wiberg and Nylander establish Svenska Bio.

1909-Charles Magnusson joins SB as head of production.

1911-SB moves to Stokholm

1913-Ingebord Holm a film by Victor Sjostrom.Vampire by Maurice Stiller.

1916-The wings(Vingarne) by Stiller and Terje Vigen by V. Sjostrom.

1919-Stiller directs Sir Arne’s Treasure with the actress Mary Johnson. Record breaking attendences

8m.tickets sold. SB expands to become AB Svensk Filmindustri.

1929-Alf Sjoberg makes his debut with the Strongest(den Starkaste.)

1937-The Swede, Anders Sandrew creates his distribution outfit AB Sandrews Biograferna.

1938-The basics of the ‘Swedish model’ socialism are laid down in the Saltsjobaden agreement.

Sandrews begins producing films.

1955. The Norwegian government decides to give direct subsidies upto 55%of a film production costs. Bergman’s Smiles of a Summer Night wins a Jury Prize at Cannes.

1956-First TV transmission in Sweden. Ingmar Bergman’s The Seventh Seal opens in Sweden

1958-Wild Strawberries wins the Golden Bear at the Berlin Festival.

1960-Death of Victor Sjostrom.

1963-The Swedish Film Institute is established,thanks to the pioneering energy of Harry Schein.

Bo Widerberg makes his first feature,Barnevagenen.

1968-A new distribution circuit FilmCentrum is established in Sweden to help unusual and socially committed films.

1982-A tax is levied on all video-cassettes,with the proceeds going to to the Swedish Film Institute.

Bergman makes his final film,Fanny and Alexander.


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