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Since last December we see the young generation taking out their protest to the streets. Their unscripted demonstrations in Tunisia proved successful. It made the Mubarak regime rue that their hold on power rested on unclaimed grounds and they were not legitimate to lead the country after all.
Such unpredictability of human affairs is written in the sky. Take moon for instance. How did the earth get its moon? The most convincing hypothesis would point to a cosmic impact. We stake our place in the sun but moon has her own plans. Col. Gaddafi may have had plans for a perpetual dynasty but Libya is not a madman’s dream but is reality; and it is determined by people who have been for long browbeaten to silence by foreign mercenaries.
Moon affects the oceans and it makes quite a lot of splash, I can tell you. The earth’s moon creates tides.

Tides hold a force as a disgruntled mob as seen by revolt in the Middle East, and can spread from Tunisia to Egypt. Such protests build up power. Just as it has power to inflict great damage to the existing governments this tidal force is magnified by many other causes than what is apparent: the side of earth facing the moon is more than say by the earth’s far side. The gravitational tide stretches the earth’s oceans into an ellipse with the earth in the center. Consequently we have two bulges— one nearest the moon and one farthest from it. Since these two bulges rotate around the earth once a day as it spins on its axis, ocean water is continuously rushing towards the ever-moving bulges. The effects of the two bulges and the massive ocean currents chasing them are magnified by an interplay of other effects.
Most of the tidal effects seen on the earth are caused by the moon’s gravitational pull, with the sun making only a small contribution. Tidal effects result in an increase of the mean earth-moon distance of about 3.8 m per century, or 3.8 cm per year. Here the inversion principle comes into play.
Since the distance between the moon and the earth is very slightly increasing over time, moon’s effect on the bulges will weaken. But then, how can we say something else would not come into play to make all the difference to our calculations?
Is it God who is in control? Your guess is as good as mine.


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In my previous posts where I examined the Big Picture I had formulated several principles to underpin my theories. Conjugation principle,Inversion Principle,Uncertainty Principle,Cluster Principle and so on. There is one principle of which I had till now held back. What is Clean Slate principle? In order to explain it let me point out from the night sky.

There are several billions of stars, light of  which when added up must make the sky bright. Yet it does not. Supernovae of star sends materials helter-skelter across space creating new stars in its wake. Background radiation of the Big Bang still reaches us. With such persistence cosmic events leave their signature around. This being the case why we see the night still dark as though the light sent forth from stars is blotted out by an unseen hand? The sky, in a manner of speaking has become a clean slate.

Science explains this  as due to the nature of universe expanding at a rate that starlight shall not make the night seen as day. The nature of Day is as distinct as Night is the exclusion of light is. Day and Night are distinctly apart.  Nature of Truth as distinct from Falsehood is. In  short we have to see in the Objective Lessons of Nature, what makes them valid. Nature as a mirror to Truth. Man makes truth of Nature, truth of Experience, and Truth of Action  to justify himself. Absolute Value of Truth is not what he can demonstrate. Even so it is in context of Truth.

The Clean Slate Principle refers to Absolute certainties against which every finite value has to come up against. Thus we use our free will to explain the nature of evil. Do we not use sophistry to explain that God as Omniscient Being must have known evil beforehand?  If He knows evil He cannot be Good? We weave our own ropes of reason to hang ourselves with.

In the analogy of night sky light supplied by various sources is still rendered as though these were null owing to the expanding sky. Similarly in the run off of march of events supplied by good and evil motives, consciousness of evil on God’s part is negated by power and wisdom of God. He is not the conscience keeper of the evil one. Bad motives come from a different source than good motives that a man keeps and acts upon are in keeping with His commandments. So man who suffers like a wrongdoer for the good that he did out of good conscience is in His keeping.   Clean Slate principle makes God free from any unfairness or *impartiality(cf.post of 8 May 2010) .

The Clean Slate principle states that we create evil, result of our finite nature. According to Cluster principle evil creates much more:  misery is another byproduct. The Clean Slate Principle states that evil resulting from man’s free will remains at finite level. Absolute value of Truth is undimmed by finiteness of truth we demonstrate.

God remains inviolate because of this principle.

God as Truth is not made any whit less because of truth as demonstrated by man.

It is in the nature of God, because God is  Love, to exercise this principle. Though our sins be as scarlet the Clean Principle can render as white as snow, to use a Biblical expression. This principle is in conformity with conjugation principle.

PS. Day is distinct from Night. Light of the Sun makes Day and Night though littered with stars and visible to us, is still Night. In this connection let me point out some men due to some accidents in their biology may be effeminate or genetically feminine. Has God gone wrong? In His eyes they are as distinct as man from woman is. God looks at the soul that is according to the Clean Slate Principle makes man and woman, distinct and clean. To God there is no confusion as we may have.


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Hold a cardboard with a tiny hole against the sun. Is it a square light that you see or an image of the sun despite of its actual square cut?
It was Aristotle who first wondered on the above. ‘why does a square hole admit a round image of the sun?
Francesco Maurolico in the sixteenth century took up on the question and he explained from nature: the sunlight streaming between the leaves whether square or irregular opening renders an image of the sun. In this case the earth acts like a film and the opening between leaves whether square or irregular,  the aperture of a pinhole camera. In short the sun is being photographed by the tree.
Recalling my note on the earlier post on Multiverse each of us sees the same sun and interprets it. In the tree of mankind we cannot escape the eternal and absolute value of Truth. Some call it God and another, Allah. When one tries to force another at the gunpoint to his belief all I can say, ‘What a fool he is!’ Thousand times the sun is photographed by human heart and each one has his own name for it. What is in a name?

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The cave dwelling bats of Borneo at the twilight leaves for the outside world in search of its food; It is a dangerous trip since leaving its relative security of the caves to the forests makes them an open target to the aerial predators that are about. Daily a trickle of bats would leave the caves which create a wave involving some three million and odd bats following the first batch; This batslide develops itself into a cloud within which bats flit about, blind yet without colliding into one another. At any given moment what position a bat will occupy is uncertain; yet the only certainty is this: till the critical mass of that cloud is reached any bat will have infinite options to choose from, which for its sheer number of possibilities cannot be predicted. “In any given set of circumstances on account of infinite options that allow a life- form to choose in context of others a path for its development (and is impossible to predict,) the only certainty that controls its exchange will be the consideration that other life- forms can benefit from”.
Thus a beggar might wish for horses and would ride as though he was born on the saddle. By the same token one who is born with a golden spoon in his mouth would choke on a cent.
Certainty we may leave to God and in our uncertain mode we call a man’s rise or fall success or failure according to what may fit us.  Mr. Madoff was once held up as a man of importance. Today he is fighting to prove he is not a fraud. While man is hasty in judgment God works with a different timescale. Who can foretell these things?

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In a rainforest the ground cover receives only filtered sunlight. Whereas plants in the middle growing from branches of trees get more share of light. They get light but not as much as trees at the crown. These tree canopies receive sunshine directly from sunrise to sundown. If the ground cover and plant life on the middle were to survive they would require the wind to do its job. The wind has been at work for months and years striking the canopies together gradually wearing away here and there, letting more sunshine in. In time there may, by a gust of wind some trees shall be sent down, clearing the way for the ground cover to survive; fire also does its own bit. These are not disasters but Nature’s way of clearing the old and useless so the rainforests may still flourish. Happiness of trees is thus regardless of age or external circumstances; in the knowledge that their absence or death is in the nature of things.
Do we call the wind as cruel? Or blame the trees for denying the ground cover adequate sunlight?
If winds did cast their seeds to create a forest elsewhere their falling ought not seem such a disaster. Man who understands his role similarly shall learn to accept his position and take comfort. He gives his best shot at all times because life offers him opportunities; he is aware that success or failure is outside his control. (He is wise because his strategy is to work with what is in his control.) Happiness for him is beyond external circumstances but made secure as part of the living.

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