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God, Allah, Baal, Brahma, Supreme Being or Oneness of things?
For a Christian God is a Being.  As we are taught we pray the Lord’s prayer, ‘Our Heavenly Father…’ If we do not know the person or his or her address is there a point in writing a letter? If we do not trust in the postal system, are we not foolish in buying postage stamps in the first place? We affix on the envelope the correct value of stamps since we trust it will reach the intended person. Every time we use the postal service we are submitting to the authority of the nation that in turn imparts the postal services its relevance. If we hold so much faith in a system that knows not us individually and yet we rely on it to deliver our letters to the other party are we not relying on our past experience? Every believer who calls on a heavenly father does so from experience. Faith with experience plait a two strand cord that is not easily broken. Please do not tell me what my experience is worth since no other can be responsible for the way I fashion my experience as I do.
In my opinion God’s power and wisdom is revealed in the manner every life form commits itself to the business of living. The Being that Nature so proclaims is positive and life abundant. Lions at the top of the food chain can afford to limit their family to two or three. Whereas fishes must produce millions of eggs in order to keep its genetic material from dying out. Creatures as diverse as lions and fishes manifest the nature of God in so many ways. They subscribe to the same Power and Wisdom by instinct as it were.

Plants convert sunlight into energy by means of photosynthesis. Phosphorus and sodium are crucial to this process. Phosphorus an element is leached from phosphates found in rocks on the land. Precipitation carries it to the sea. It is in turn carried back to the land by birds and the fishes.
Off the coast of Chile in South America millions of anchovies converge which in turn attracts cormorants. It is unusual for sea birds (mother cormorant lays six eggs at a time), and their bird droppings or guanos are rich in phosphorous. Tens of thousands tons per year are gathered by locals. It is a fertilizer used extensively world over.
Salmons mature in the sea and returns by late August to the rivers in order to breed there. Mass influx of these fishes, all with single goal swimming upstream of Fraser River in British Colombia has to be seen in order to believe! After fulfilling their biological urge they die. Phosphorus is transported through these fishes to the inland.
Oneness is achieved by material nature of life forms taking advantage of every opportunity for the furtherance of limited objectives. How species with totally contrary aims achieve order is due to this oneness.
Sheer scale of species and their aims shall befuddle any particular group or individuals from controlling every aspect at all stages. Each life form contributes something positive to the common pool where predator and prey alike can benefit from. That common pool is as infinite as Space and Time. Oneness of things it is called. Relevance of God doesn’t lose a bit even if such a secular label is attached to it.
Nature manifests God as far as a Christian is concerned since Wisdom and Power that we associate with Him are revealed by each in the manner it has adapted itself to stay relevant.

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All life forms are of equal weight in context of Oneness of Things. Thus a man may be felled by a virus strain while a woolly mammoth could be brought down by a gnat. Size is of no consequence.
Natural selection is where each species have succeeded in compensating their inadequacies in other areas at every turn on account of  their success in making opportunities to their advantage.
Representational dispensation in the lexicon of Nature gives rise to two laws, namely law of deprivation and law of compensation.

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Representational dispensation when  transcribed in secular idiom works differently. Nature has a way of balancing the disproportionate demand by life forms collectively on her resources. Natural calamities and wars are all part of her game plan.  Take the case of Santorini island. ‘The island is the site of one of the largest volcanic eruptions the planet has ever seen: the Minoan eruption (sometimes called the Thera eruption), which occurred some 3,600 years ago at the height of the Minoan civilization may have led indirectly to the collapse of the Minoan civilization on the island of Crete’.(ack:wikipedia) This could have led to the flowering of language, arts and crafts in the Greek Mainland.  A cosmic impact may wipe off the dinosaurs but it is a push for species who are precariously trying to get a foothold in the evolutionary ladder. Thus Oneness of Things sees to spread the good and evil alike. In 2006 Israel engaged their troops to fight Hizbollah who were holed up in Lebanon. While many were shedding tears for the Lebanese civilians who are caught up in the war there was a little known matter of  some 20000 Filipino girls who were stuck there. These girls from poor families were promised higher pay by their Lebanese /Arab masters and when they were brought in their papers and passports had been confiscated. But for the war these maids would have been continuing as slaves. The war at least liberated these maids from their wretched lot to find their way back home. War by itself is despicable manifestation of greed and ambition but if this conflict could bring about relief to those who are subject to unmitigated horror of slavery as described above let us not waste our tears for the ways of Oneness of Things.

In one of my earlier posts  ( Love makes the World Go round- Dec8,’08)  the analogy of pollutants being carried around by tides is apt in case of our lives. Human civilization is like man made effluent.
We benefit from several areas as marine birds, bivalves do and how we put our strengths to use also differ. Since Oneness of Things is impartial in letting the results, both good and bad in human civilization, to spread around no one can conclude that Oneness is unjust to allow what we consider as an evil to live on.
If one finds evil has crept in what he or she holds as dear it is the duty of that person to do whatever in his or her power to fight it. Sympathy from one who has allowed knowingly evil to prosper (by silence) is from the lips and does not go any deeper.

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Oneness of things allows so many factors to come into play where no nation can for long brutalize others for their own ends. No nation may foretell from where their destruction shall come. Nature plays her part and also wars are means to bring about the nation’s downfall. Again we see England in the post WWII, all their glory drained from them. From cause and effect what lesson can we draw? Is it not that there is a moral factor in the manner the might of nations are brought low?
God’s judgment on Babylon was as much a political necessity as well as His providence on a nation under oppression.(Dan 5.) Once again we see the state of Israel being plucked out of holocaust. When I see the oppressed turn the oppressor themselves, in the way Palestine is treated I can very well imagine: the nation have invited a moral judgment on themselves. Who shall serve as God’s instrument is not for me to say.

Historical necessity is often a synonym for moral imperative.


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Working With Limits©
The first farmer who settled from a nomadic existence after a couple of  bad starts, reproached the wind thus, ‘Didn’t you tell me to go ahead and plant wheat?”
“Because you gave your word that you are everywhere, I took you on your word and the result,- entire field ruined by water! “ “Oh, it was the clouds which brought on early showers” said the wind.
” Next season it was a drought that did me in” wailed the farmer. “Blame it on the sun,” said the wind. “Aw shucks, What benefit is to me that you are everywhere?”
‘ To be everywhere is not to be anywhere in particular’.
However close and hard we may look at Absolute principle or Absolutism at work we come up against uncertainties that no rational explanation can dispel. It is not in the principle but our blind spot that is at fault. Sheer numbers by which Oneness of things play off march of events, causes and their effects one another no human brain can follow through.  So the best a philosopher could do is to throw up his hands and say,’ God is dead.’ Simple uh?

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Cosmic Mind is infinite where Time and Space hold no meaning. As the Scriptures say,’One day is with the Lord as a thousand years…’we expect God to answer us and our so called good acts be paid back in our time. Cosmic Mind has a long range vision and to plumb its depths is a fool’s business.
That reminds me: Cosmic Mind holds no distinction between a fool and a wise man. Why? I can remind you of a parable that I wrote sometime back. Since I find it bothersome to go through my old posts let me post it from my book(available online), Sufficient unto this Day.
A Fool Is A Wiseman (Who just missed the bus)
‘Mad’ Max was designated as the biggest fool who ever lived in a town with a curious name Pie-In-The-Sky. As soon as he learnt to assemble a refrigerator he knew he wanted to sell one. So he took off to the North Pole. But the Inuit didn’t buy a single one and he died a very poor man. All that he left behind was some ice boxes and a technical manual.
On the other hand Dr. Faustus having made a pact with the devil became the most celebrated scholar who knew everything that went under the sun, which passed for knowledge. How the crowned heads and scholars alike feted him! Then came the computers that made him redundant. He died in grief. He said that a machine beat him. Yes.
The world went a-changing! Then came a thaw and ice melted. The polar caps vanished as an icicle in a furnace. The people in Nunavut learnt to live with the climate changes. Then someone found the papers of ‘Mad’ Max and it was a discovery that electrified the whole region. They learnt to make fridges themselves and control their houses to the right temperature. Who contributed to the welfare of the world more? A fool or a scholar?
Tailspin:In Cosmic Mind the word Success holds a different meaning that we hold. Time shows up the meaninglessness of such distinctions we make of life.

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Duality Of Life

Our bodies are programmed to run down. A twenty year old man is already old and worn down in comparison with an infant. Similar comparison may be made of one who is sixty, who is ancient in comparison, with one who is twenty something. Life doesn’t mean a simple linear progression from birth having an open end.
Death is built-in, which is what our biological clock tells us. Each chromosome in a cell is packed to keep it from fraying and have ends: these ends are called telemia, and as cells divide and multiply to replace old and worn out cells telemia gets progressively shortened. In normal circumstances these telemia ends are only good for some 100 such divisions or so.
Life and death in terms of our biology teach us truth: truth of nature.
As in the case of Cosmos a black hole holds its opposite white hole; life coexists with death. These dualities are reconciled by something that one may call God or Supreme Intelligence. In one of my earlier posts I had defined God as Truth. He reconciles every contradiction that exists in Cosmos; sets truth of nature, of experience and of action on a single yardstick. He is the Oneness of Things.

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