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When the entire Cosmos is bound within the Golden Pagoda what is Chance? Is it not but part of the Ultimate Reality from which our own reality is drawn? Because of the tilt in the earth we have seasons; it was also chance that gave our planet a moon. Tides of the oceans are controlled by it. We shall see how chance works out Nature’s intent. Oneness is her game plan.
Phytoplankton is a marine plant with thorns and serrated edges to increase water pressure so it does not sink. Naturally it can only survive by floating. Cells of these plants are provided with chloroplast that converts sunlight to create glucose and amino acids: organic matter that is the basis of life. Material nature gives these plants, no larger than half a millimeter a blueprint for their survival.
Phytoplankton forms the basis of the food chain: so prodigiously it proliferates. Phytoplankton feeds by photosynthesis. Thereby what it creates is organic matter that sustains conditions for life on the Earth.
Phosphorus is a vital component for the survival of phytoplankton. Phosphorus from the bottom of the sea is brought to surface by upwelling caused by Earth’s rotation. There are phosphorus and oxygen cycles* that play off one another and keep oxygen concentration in Earth’s atmosphere stable.
Too much of oxygen in the seawater would have proved bad for phytoplankton since it impedes photosynthesis. So phosphorous content in the water would help it to survive. It helps by reducing oxygen level in the seawater. Phosphorous is also essential in energy production and building up of DNA and RNA in genes.
Here we can see the earth’s rotation helps a marine plant to survive and apart from this there are also many factors that come into play. These are so many one would say Chance in the lexicon of Nature means quite something else.
What of the land?
Plants convert sunlight into energy by means of photosynthesis. Phosphorus and sodium are crucial to this process. Phosphorus an element is leached from phosphates found in rocks on the land. Precipitation carries it to the sea. It is in turn carried back to the land by birds and the fishes.
Off the coast of Chile in South America millions of anchovies converge which in turn attracts cormorants. It is unusual for sea birds (mother cormorant lays six eggs at a time), and their bird droppings or guanos are rich in phosphorous. Tens of thousands tons per year are gathered by locals. It is a fertilizer used extensively world over.
Salmons mature in the sea and returns by late August to the rivers in order to breed there. Mass influx of these fishes, all with single goal swimming upstream of Fraser River in British Colombia has to be seen in order to believe! After fulfilling their biological urge they die. Phosphorus is transported through these fishes to the inland.
Oneness is achieved by material nature of life forms taking advantage of every opportunity for the furtherance of limited objectives. Its sheer scale shall befuddle any particular group from controlling every aspect at all stages.
Tailpiece: Wars, famines and plagues are part of Nature’s game plan. Material nature can still express Oneness through what we may consider as calamities.

Oxygen cycle: oxygen cycle is the biogeochemical cycle that describes the movement of oxygen within and between its three main reservoirs: the atmosphere, biosphere and the lithosphere. The process of photosynthesis dominates it.
Phosphorus cycle: as above but deals with the movement of phosphorus through the lithosphere, hydrosphere and biosphere. Weathering of rocks play a major role.


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I came across a news item that in the southern ocean sperm whales counteract with the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Their feces do the job. Our carbon footprint on land somewhere along the line must deal with it: do we consider ourselves blessed that sperm whales out there have in them to keep our blue planet run on without much hiccup?
This makes me wonder: Here on land all religions consider a speck of dirt not to mention feces falling on the offerings taint them. Temple priests pour milk over idols and chant mantras for rains and many other things besides. Would they not consider their sacrifice or ceremony ruined if some speck of feces fall into it? In short man on the earth ignorant as always of Nature’s ways, deals with what he can not understand, treat Nature in an arbitrary fashion.
Man can understand the lure of gold or the sound of money. So he drills the sea and deceive all that he knows what he is doing. Only that when oil spill in the gulf goes on rampage and cause great destruction he shows he has been completely a damn fool to tinker with things that he has not foreseen. Only option for him is to play blame game. Does he even here pause for some sober reflection and change ways?
Money has completely screwed up his thinking set he would embark on another enterprise that gives him dividends.

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