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‘The battle for pizza supremacy has taken a wrong turn in Florida.
Two managers of a Domino’s Pizza restaurant in Lake City, in north-central Florida, have been charged with burning down a rival Papa John’s location. The motive? Police say one of the men admitted that he believed with his competitor out of the way, more pizza lovers would flock to his restaurant.
The Papa John’s was gutted in the Oct. 20 fire.
Both men — Sean Everett Davidson, 23, and Bryan David Sullivan, 22 — were booked on an arson charge and were being held in jail.’ I thought what a waste of talent. Had they been sent with hardware to Iraq they could have shipped so much dough and scalps home, of a few natives they had bagged during their stint. Instead they are playing with matches like Bernard Madoff having made millions is at the moment making chains with paperclips. So many poor devils playing for cents instead of learning from the real pro. (The devil with D is at the moment finding time hanging on his hands. these imps belong by the side of Bernie and not definitely with a crummy pizza joint. This is my view.)
I have had pizza’s with scampi, tuna you name it anything that floats have been a fair game for the pizza makers; and having tried them all I can tell you, folks the supposedly rivalry between Domino an Papa John is all exaggerated. Their competition is not about quality, ingredients, presentation but about dough. Simple dough will not do. It must bear the sweat, smell and sneeze of every one who is called to make the shape. Round shape for the base is the norm. Don’t let that bother you. Who and what comes on it is the main thing. The busboys begin their workout playing with it while his peers are all waiting to butt in. Each bring his expertise, moods, attitude of the moment.
Having eaten pizzas all my life indifferently I can only say,’Heaven help the man who invented the first pizza. He is going to get his reward. He shall eat pizza in all eternity chewing on the indigestible teflon up there or here down below. Some pizza ! some pizza war!

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