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In the Middle Ages Rufus the Robber King wanted to make his kingdom grander than all other kingdoms of Europe. He asked Pope Weasel I for his blessings. Having got it  he rounded up all Jews and on pain of death he made them cough up their wealth. The Pope said,’it is tainted, blood is all over your hands.’ So he suggested a way to make his sins disappear. A series of Crusades was the result. Accordingly the king went to war with the infidels for the glory of God. He robbed all the way to Jerusalem and raped women and put every Moslem he could find to sword. Rufus the Robber King saw to that none lived to tell the carnage and wanton destruction he had unleashed in his wake. The Church prospered and Robber King made his kingdom preeminent among all European kingdoms. Having made Europe a graveyard the king ordered a day of great rejoicing. Throught the kingdom church bells rang and in the great Cathedral King Rufus XII and and members of the royal house gathered to offer thanks to God. Great bells pealed while the choir sang Te Deum. Such joy reverberated throughout the kingdom was only matched by bitter wailing from cottages where women lost men or and mothers their sons.

There arose great many who had been watching the kings who had amassed greater power and wealth. When they piously declared God as the cause for their glory the skeptics said,’God is dragged through mud by rascals. Now God has become their accomplice!

It was indeed so. God became a synonym for every evil that these blackguards let loose. Sure enough churches became empty and places for Saturday night revels.

Soon enough the Royal House of Albion had to go into war with the House of Watercress over a trifle. King Rufus was certain God was on his side. Whereas King Baldwin of Watercress knew God was on his side. After these two kingdoms decimated each other the remaining made peace guaranteeing peace in their life time. But as they went their own ways they were met by brigands who were determined to string them up from every tree.

‘Why we never hurt you or robbed you.’ cried they. They replied,’ We are people of the forests and most of us live in caves. Peace of our forefathers echo now with ‘war’. How can we live in peace when every tree murmurs, ‘avenge us?’

‘Having disturbed the peace of our gods and ancestors do you pretend that you are innocents?’ the brigand chief asked them.

Both Royal Houses, whoever left of these knelt down and prayed ‘God Help us!’

But no help came.


*God is Truth. He does not take sides for good or evil. Yet He has set in motion the events to play with reference to Truth. He has left His Word, prophets and Nature to teach us how to live our lives. The Royal Houses of Albion and Watercress had made war so often to make every one confuse the good and evil. Worse still it blighted the very Nature. The very emblem of God is in Truth that Nature testify even though it is a mirror image.

Nature abhors falsehood. It demands satisfaction.

*We call God’s help for satisfying our petty, and sometimes ignoble wishes. Nature is the mirror of God. Our nature included. If our nature cannot live in peace with one another one may be pretty sure it will compromise environment and nature in general.


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Late night TV comedians have turned their jabs on President Obama for getting Nobel Peace Prize. The comedians ought to fire their script writers for coming up with such poor stuff. Had they lambasted the Prize committee, that would have yielded something. Didn’t they award Henry Kissinger and few other warmongers for Peace Prize?


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In my opinion every inspiration that tends to do good and in its onward progression leaves room for more good than ill is from Holy Spirit. Being a Christian of course I ascribe this pulse that animates every living thing,- for example maternal instinct of a rodent is no less set off by it than altruistic motive in us, as holy and an aspect of godhead. What is in a name, folks? Holy Spirit is wisdom in its exposition whether in secular or any other context. Thus every life form has something to contribute for the whole.
Natural selection is the way Nature follows the dictates of the Holy Spirit. Think of Nature like a roulette wheel and it is the Holy Spirit that gives it a spin. Of course it is a continuous motion: God has set it in operation and only God can command ‘halt’.
Holy Spirit as Inspiration. Under its influence St. Peter could discern Jesus of Nazareth was Christ, the Son of God. What did Jesus say to a revelation that he never did divulge to him? ‘Blessed art thou,…for flesh and blood hath not revealed it unto thee, but my Father which is in heaven.’(St. Mat 16:15—17)
God’s intent is put into operation though the agency of the Holy Spirit. That office was very much evident while God set out to bring order out of chaos. In the first chapter we read God commanded waters under the heavens to come together to form Seas. It was so.(vs.7) The Spirit of God moved through the face of the waters. Of this we read in so many details in the chapter 2. Evolution of the earth from chaos to order meant every atom in our material world was sensitized and had caught the glory of His spirit. Thus if at quantum level fundamental particles should behave in a certain mode and in macrocosmos in another it still follows an order that was received at the Creation Day.
‘There went up a mist from the earth,…’ The waters had seen the glory of God and it made no difference if there were waters separated by the introduction of a firmament. (The earth and the fullness thereof belongs to God.) If matter can thus be inspired to create conditions for life how much more man who is the very image of God?

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Second Chance

Agostino would hear none of it. He insisted Immanuel stay with him till he was well enough to continue his journey.  “Why must a child, you are indeed a child, and why must you take up such a hardship?” He replied that he was sent to seek out children whereever in need. He would have said further.
“But you came to Cloud Peak to look up an old man!,”
he cut in with evident relish.
“You are a child too. Otherwise why would you have carved dolls?” Turning to other topics he said in the end he felt in him a kindred spirit. “My father was a carpenter and…”his voice trailed off as if his past  came in a rush. “Oh to be here. As if I am among familiar things.” He held his hand out and asked if he could hold his doll for a while. Shocked Agostino pointed to the welt in each palm that stood out horribly red against his tender skin. He was about to ask but Immanuel said simply ” Oh these are some reminders,- ‘I was wounded in the house of my friends.’
For a week he thought over. Agostino felt pain that such tender age did not leave the child much. On the day of leave-taking he said, “Here take all, each doll I give into your safe keeping. ”Immanuel looked at him searchingly while he added, ”Give them away if that would make you happier.”
Immanuel accepted them and before he left the old man he said, ”You are a good man. Leave it at that.”
Yes, Agostino felt that his age allowed him to let go. As his dolls.
It made him happy.
The End
Season’s Greetings to all my readers. I take time now to express my thanks to the WordPress team who is doing a great job and wish each one of them a great year.

I shall be busy for a while what with shifting house and building our own dream house. I may not be as regular with my posts as I would wish. Anyway let us see.


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