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Here we are concerned about two aspects of the fall of man.

Glory of God gave, as we have already discussed in the study of Genesis, a shape. The earth was without form but in the creation account of God, this glory gave the earth its form. Consider the  creatures which God brought to Adam and he gave them names. Does it not indicate God considered him as the Alpha male and it was not merely a coincidence. God considered Adam as his steward to minister to the well being of creatures of the air, beasts of burden etc., Here we see him as a forerunner of Jesus who in the fulness of time came as Servant-King. Here we have two aspects of man one as a carnal being and the other as a spiritual emblem of heavenly realities. In order to distinguish between the two we have ‘inner man’ as a distinct reality which no man can escape from. Death similarly is what no man can escape unless one is born again.

Secondly we see  the heavenly realities belong to an overcomer. For this reason Adam was cast out from the Garden so he might not reach out and eat of the fruit of the tree of life. He was ‘dead’ in his inner man.

Now on to our key verse:

“And the LORD God said, “The man has now become like one of us, knowing good and evil….So the LORD God banished him from the Garden of Eden to work the ground from which he had been taken (Ge.3:22-23-NIV).”

God breathed into the nostrils of Adam and made him a living soul. When Adam disobeyed God death occurred which God had warned him about (Ge. 3:3). So death must have occurred and the Spirit hints about the kind of death that took place. The cherubim with flaming swords forbade Adam (vs.24)., which is an emblem of his inability. He could no longer enjoy his former state of being within the divine Will. He had forfeited his gift and it was his own doing. ‘For the gifts and the calling of God are without repentance( Ro.11:29). In the NIV they are irrevocable.

Adam because of the gift from God is deemed the son of God (Lk.3:38). It is on this basis the Holy Spirit builds him as an antitype whereas Jesus Christ is the Type. He is the son over his own house (He.3:6). Having said we can understand why the Lord God says, “Behold the man is become as one of us.”

Inner man

Jesus said, ‘It is the spirit that gives life and flesh profits nothing…(Jn.6:63),’When we consider the born again experience we owe to the Word made flesh so in accepting Jesus by faith we find way back to God. Where Adam lost our new birth allows us to know good and evil according to the Core Will. As an earnest of our inheritance the indwelling Spirit works with our inner man. “That he would grant you, according to the riches of his glory, to be strengthened with might by his Spirit in the inner man;…Ep.3:16-20; (2 Co.4:16) Earlier we were led by the spirit of man whereby we served our appetites in our flesh and allowed ourselves to be carried about by custom and traditions of the world. White evangelicalism for this reason is carnal and contrary to the divine Will. Our inner man does not depend on sensory inputs but is guided by spirit of truth. To distinguish the spirit of the world and our spiritual experience within, we may characterize our inner man being driven by a dominant force.

Alpha force is the dominant force, ‘the power that worketh in us’ whereby the indwelling Spirit can build us to the fulness of God. Alpha force is not a scriptural term but we use it with caution. Eye of the inner man is single and the light with which it is led by light of the knowledge of the word creates love of Christ as honey in a hive. So much so the born again experience produces fruits of the Spirit.

How does the inner man differs from carnal man?

The Spirit has given us a clear indication from the story of Hannah in the first book of Samuel. “Now Hannah, she spake in her heart: only her lips moved..(1 S.1:13-16).”

Firstly let us recalls the words of Jesus with regards to prayer. The prayer of a heathen has its characteristic. ‘Use not vain repetitions, as the heathen do.’ “For your Father knoweth what things you have need of, before you ask him (Mt.6:7-8).  Inner man makes a case for a child of God and the world shall never fully fathom its outcome until God brings to light. Hannah was thrown in deepest pit of anguish. Her adversary still tormented since she had no insight what her taunts were creating in her rival. But God heard her since the groaning and supplications of her inner man was neither within the control of her adversary or in her direct control. We do not know how we should pray at times since we are very much drawn into agony of the spirit to pray with wisdom. “I am a woman of sorrowful spirit”.  Peace of God, as we read ‘passeth all understanding,’ This is what God has assured his children and it is not what anyone who grandstand before the world can command at will. So those who misuse the word of God for their own glory whether it be prosperity theology or of Belial have got their reward and for us it shall be the peace not as the world gives but what we can appreciate in eternity..




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Who is in control of our universe?
Before I come to it let me speak from specific to the unknown. I am in control of my life, at least to the extent where the issue concerns me and the outcome may not affect others greatly. As an architect if I think there is a project coming up where the services of an architect is needed my interest is to win it fairly. If there is an open competition it is essential that I try to win it: from shortlist to signing the contract I cannot afford to lose any opportunity that comes way to that end. Why should I move heaven and earth but to prove myself and to keep my office open? I owe to myself and those who work with me and take orders by bringing in funds. So I am connected to many whose economic viability is hinged on mine. I am not living for myself but for many others as well. As a practicing Christian ‘give us our daily bread means’ means ability to provide for many others as well. What if I do not get the contract after giving my best shot and also bringing God into my personal equation? Is God unfair to have thrown this particular project to another?
I think it was Montaigne who wrote that any man’s gain is at the expense of another. Thus to continue with the analogy God could only give me by denying another. If God is to satisfy me what I have set my heart so much by denying another whose credentials or need is greater than mine am I not making Him my accomplice?
I do not think God is in the man’s business here pushing one a little or pulling another down there and so on.
Mitt Romney can only win the nomination at the expense of Newt et al. Despite whatever these GOP candidates would have said of their faith God does not muck rake in politics. As Einstein said, nor does He play dice with the universe. Whoever thinks God as an accomplice has the Devil for a master. Many Christians seem to mistake one for the other. How do I know if I gained in the long run far greater opportunities to go higher in my career than be dragged by one project or into some muddle? My ability to foresee future is almost nil so it is necessary to attend to the day’s business as best as possible than set my heart on do or die basis with one. It may go out of my reach so what?
God is Wisdom and Power and as a Christian I believe I am made in His image. This wisdom and power in human terms need to be put to use. That is my reasonable service as a christian.

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Anatomy of a Prayer©

Mrs. Gladys comes home with a package tied with pink ribbon.

She lays it carefully hidden from her daughter. She is a single mother whose life is arranged about her daughter on whom she hopes much. While waiting for her to come home she has time to finish her chores for the day. After setting the table for two she kneels down in prayer. This time her prayer takes a keen and urgent tone. The reason she has bought with a dollar she could spare a ticket.

She prays devoutly. Angel of peace hears it and addresses Father of Time,’O Father hear her prayer.’

She prays,’Please Lord I have paid my last dollar for a ticket. Let it win the lottery. A million I could do for her future. So she may bring glory to Your matchless name.’ The angel once again approached the Ancient of Days saying,’Think she could further your will on the earth. Grant her wishes.”

God answered,’I have set the O’Reilly the beggar to win the prize. ‘ The angel was sure that the lottery would only hasten his end’. ‘Do not speak of things before time. His free will must abide with my will. ‘ God refused to answer her prayer.

Later the angel reported the disaster that came on O’Reilly as a result of his winning.’

Before the angel could speak something ill of Majesty God corrected him and the angel knew that it was his free will and not God”s Will was at fault.

Angel of Peace in a flash saw the events that were set before the worlds began into which His Will had entered every gap, space and fields of action where His Will let events take their course but also kept his Majesty in wisdom and Power intact.

Still the angel had a doubt. He asked,’Mrs Gladys prayed earnestly for a million, a measly million to you, but would have changed her life completly. How did you set her mind at rest?’

Not in a way you would have foreseen. That is for sure,’ God answered.

Mrs. Gladys with trembling hand opens the paper to check whether her ticket won the sweepstakes or not.’Oh no!’ she has wasted one dollar. But somehow bravely she assures God would take care of her and her daughter.

Before hitting the bed she reads as was her practice the Bible. The promise,’My Grace is sufficient for thee,’ somehow gives her an extra power. She had read the line often but that night the promise takes something of a personal bond. Next morning  she dismisses the idea of instant riches as something not worthy of her.

She herself explains her foolish notion of lottery as a solution to her problems thus ‘Granting me one million because I prayed would have meant for God  taking back His Will for a trifle.’

She also realized if God wished, had million ways of granting her prayer than a lottery win.’How foolish to think lottery as my salvation?’

Mrs. Gladys that evening gave a new change of dress for her daughter. It was her present before she went to study medicine in the University of Dublin. Because He knew what was the burden of Mrs. Gladys he preserved her daughter while terrorists struck at random. The Catholics rained death and the Protestants did all they could. While the country went mad with hatred, Glady’s daughter kept her head, treating the wounded and helping both sick and the helpless. She didn’t make millions either for for herself or for her mother. Mrs. Gladys worked for her living that she could without much difficulty. Her life was ordinary but she had a sneaking suspicion that her life was on a higher ground. Simple questions of living, -paying rent, clothes to be purchased, groceries to be had weekly and how to handle her workplace and neighbors were vital but in discharging her obligations to herself and others she saw God’s loving Hand. It was as though in her lowly station of life He himself came down to give a hand. She could experience in the mundane the Highest: for God indeed was her support and comfort.

Glady’s daughter worked her art healing and comforting as long as she could. She was well into her work neck deep,- too much involved in her service, to ask herself if she were happy or not.

Prayers are not answered in the way you plan, but prayers are the means to taste His goodness on everyday basis. Right kind of prayer shall  make you experience His presence even when you have hit the low.

Those who pray merely for things shall only see things when their prayers bring desired results. His glory shall only be seen by those who wait for His mercy and Lovingkindness.

‘Let thy Will be done on earth as it is in heaven..’ Do we really mean what we pray every day? Or are we merely giving  lip service to God?


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He works in mysterious ways of course. No man or angels can ever say how for sure.We humans seem to be quick in judging events;while some Christians seem to think that they can. Ah I have seen in my time some preachers who think they have established a hot line with God as soon as they have gone on their knees. They have their followers who believe what they want to believe. But are they right?


Earth’s geomagnetic field owes to two sources-one generated deep within the outer core and one in the shallow core. The events every individual sets off create energy outflow and the combined effect of the whole also creates a field where any event at any given time and place must meet. Thus success we attribute to any action has but a short duration and how it turns out on a long range is anybody’s guess.
Does God affect the outcome? Like a solar flare disrupts magnetic activities we are subject to higher laws that we give names. God or Oneness of Things etc.,
God is Truth. Our interactions with one another create a magnetic north, which is different from True North.

If one throws all scruples to the winds and yet seems to prosper, do not accuse God of being indifferent. By the same token do not think merely because you are so law-abiding and honest God confers you special advantages. Our concept of God is as different as magnetic north is from True North.
We observe and speak from our finite position. How can you say the evil man doesn’t get his comeuppance? Evil exacts silently its own pound of flesh. This I can speak from my limited experience. A man who ‘undeservedly’ get shafted by life for all his piety may develop by life experience an inner core untouched by reward or threats. He shall have equanimity and poise even in the face of trouble. Yes Goodness has its own reward.
For all intents and purpose it suffices me; as I would worship God the Father,’Let Thy Kingdom Come’. With God in His rightful place whatever happens for good or bad from my point of view is to be accepted. Also to be improved as best as I can. How can I be resigned to what I can change if it is against my good sense? Having tried all to leave what is beyond my control to God.


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