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Some tales with much moral add’d to lend weight
Prophets have told us: such is their bless’d state
We took it gospel truth: They are all dead.
None returns after he has pass’d the gate.

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Basic template for the human body and brain is female.
We all start out as girls and around six to eight weeks since conception a fetus with XY develop normally into a boy: in order to do that its special cells will direct male hormones in particular testosterone, to other parts of the body to form male testes and configure the brain for masculine traits and behavior.
The Bible is clear about this: He created them male and female. But how come she has become weak vessal and a baggage subject to man’s laws? Our laws are all calculated to make her look second class. Religions also have reinterpreted the divine Will to keep her under man’s control. Recently some one in Saudi Arabia came up with a new revelation: women who are allowed to drive cars are in danger of pre-marital sex!
Religion from the manner has treated woman seems to follow this point: God proposes Prophet disposes.


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This day Six thousand Years Ago

The Best newspundits also get the facts mixed up. The editor in Chief: Mr. Pen Pusher was present when Mr. Guy- Up- There threw a party.

I shall insert here Mr.PP’s own report.

‘I always have some reservation when the Host is reticent of showing Himself. For Gawds sake it was His idea! He was throwing the first party and when I approached I was told by one angel,’For whatever reason you are called before Him just turn your head aside’. So I took Mo Sez along, He is a kind of Man Friday, and he stuck close to me writing down verbatim. Finally I was called up and He put me off saying,’You may be better served by this angel here. He has all the news that is fit to print. So I went from the Pillar to Post to quote a phrase we reporters use without daring to look at His face. I ask Mo Sez if he had got it right.

‘Reporters walk from Pillar to Post.Now also’.

Mo Sez reads back,’Pillar of salt to Seven Pests.’

What the hell Mo Sez was becoming impossible and very hard to follow.

I had to scold him and asked what was the idea. He cheeky as ever says,’Lot of things, PP. Don’t plague me while I put the matters in proper perspective.

The Angel who was give us the copy from Mr.Guy-Up-There showed his face and said ‘Up and Down is My idea’.

MoSez writes it down thus:’In the beginning God created the heaven and the Earth’

I took Mo Sez to task for writing something that the angel didn’t say.

‘Oh PP,’ Mo Sez,’My copy improves on the angel who after all can never understand plain speaking. Imagine what news hungry readers will make of a line ‘Up and Down is my Idea’. I had to agree Mo Sez had a point. His copy was definitely an improvement on the angel’s copy.

I had to wearily let Mo Sez write the news in his own words’.

We in Latitude take an exception. Our Editor in Chief took the time frame in his own manner. Afterall the day the Party took place was in earth Time Thousand Years. So you can calculate yourself how long ago was the worlds began. News is made for the newshungry. Only that how things came together to make news is somewhat skipped over. Mr. Pen Pusher got his dates wrong as Mo Sez got his copy mixed up.


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