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The world is is often compared to a ship for a very good reason. Ingenuity of man works with several abilities to which every one can claim in some measure certain flair. So much as every rivet driven to make up a ship stands testimony to man. He is handyman, the mapmaker,  helmsman and a mechanic, all of which requires several abilities.  So a ship as with the world is a combined effort each contribution being absorbed in the whole. Head is not everything, nor are the hands. Intellect without working hands shall be like a ship left dry docked. When a ship is put to sea it must be clear that with so much ingenuity and daring the master shall have no problem reaching the desired port. It has however never shown to be true. Ships flounder like Mary Rose the Tudor warship did. A storm is no respecter of Royal person. Mary Rose, Vasa are all but names stamped with glory of man but perfectly useless when sent out in their business. They were all seaworthy but did not measure up to expectations.  Nations are like names of ships and sound great but has any nation found prosperity for all her passengers or found a safe haven?

How ships weather considering the wear and tear upon their inbuilt weakness none is perfect. Titanic was a wonder but she was no exception. Ships when old they need their parts replaced and refitted and such is the glory of man and it is a transient glory. Think of ship as having several decks and what are nations and races of men but all part of one entity. When we speak of racial profiling and merits of civilization we can be sure we belong to the ship of fools. For instruments to chart the celestial object have been bequeathed to us by man who never thought in terms of race and color. The entire ship is by courtesy of men of old. The nameless inventor must have been our ape-ancestor who if he had come in our time dressed in football jersey to play football can you imagine the scene? Uncouth beer swilling pigs would jeer from their stands for his color. Who but a fool would think of shit-hole countries but the very scion of man who made fortune  selling hooch and on white slavery? If the ship stinks it must be the bad odor of nationalism.

Without respect for man what nationalism one can speak of and when disaster strikes the vessel all such claims to color or nations are empty prattle.

Sin found Jonah out because he was running away from God.  It was the world as a ship that took the prophet as a passenger. His presence made the entire ship into jeopardy. God had prepared a tempestuous wind to get the malefactor out. Now we are similarly traveling among fools,- traitors, turncoats and arm merchants who has made wealth from wholesale slaughter. No one thinks of disaster by way of climate change, folly of men who are itching to go into a war they cannot win.  Unless you shape up don’t expect some one else will do it for you. Be wise knowing the times are bad.


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O say can you see, by the mists rising fast

Some one strutting some one torching Shylock’s last rest place,

You know who with hate and fear in lather cast

Now dare desecrate graves, is it against his race

Or the unmanly vice, what his elders improv’d

Having nothing else to impart, -hate is rude,

But with that rallying battle-cry rises hate wave

O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave?

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The spokesman for Russia’s Federal Migration Service has been fired after issuing a racist rant to the BBC, ITAR-TASS reports.
Konstantin Poltoranin, the agency’s chief spokesman, told the BBC: “What is now at stake is the survival of the white race. We feel this in Russia. We want to make sure the mixing of blood happens in the right way here, and not the way it has happened in Western Europe where the results have not been good.”
The BBC sought comment from Poltoranin for this great report on Russia’s only center for destitute asylum seekers, on the outskirts of the Urals city of Perm. They meet three men from the Ivory Coast and Rwanda who had come to Russia seeking political asylum, only to be shuttered away in the center, facing racist attacks from its administration as well as local residents.(ack: Miriam ElderApril 20, 2011 12:00-global post)
Having seen the BBC program I wonder where all the milk of human kindness has gone to? Reading Turgeniev,Tolstoy I looked up Mother Russia with certain reverence. It was tinged with pity when I read Dosteovsky and I saw the soul of Russia in the serfs and minor officials both noble and ignoble. The system was bad as with any feudal society where man’s dignity is measured by what is doled by some at their whims and fancies. Russia was vast as well as strange to me. Then came Stalin and his cohorts and I could still understand the nature of Russia. Man on the street needs lot of assurance and Russians love to be bullied and roughshod by the father (Stalin is seen as such even this day!) whose brutality is only matched by his resourcefulness to create a safe oases from the surrounding hordes of devils. In Stalin was the mantle of Ivan the terrible and the Russian understood the language of jackboots more than any other. Unfortunately jackboot speaks a language that can eat into the soul of the race long lain under some tyrant.
Reading this news of poor devils from Africa being dehumanized by petty officials like Konstantin Poltoranin I can only think the Russian can only speak the language of Jackboots. It was in their genes for eons and they express what is at that atavistic past even when we say dignity of man ought not fear man made frontiers and barriers of language. Respect of man is the only currency and passport any one today needs to have.
Mother Russia ought to have guarded and taught her children with a little more solicitude for their future.
Tailpiece: Some 20,000 Tunisians are like loose cannons and they have fled to Europe. Italy have solved the problem of unwanted migrant workers by passing them on to the rest of Europe. How many of them are ‘moles’ carrying some hidden agenda for some only to be known in future? No one knows. But one thing is certain. The former colonial masters who had exploited the natives are faced with consequences of their ‘wrongs’. Africa is still a ‘white man’s burden’. There they have democracy and elections are treated as ‘Heads I win,Tails you lose’. Nigeria, Ivory Coast are cases in point. Is it not? History is an arena where moral questions of man’s actions are unravelled in another time frame than that he is accustomed to.

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