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Is constructing an Islamic Center with a mosque near Ground Zero a controversial point?
As an outsider and one interested in what goes on about me my views are my own. Freedom of worship is an article of faith for whoever places premium on good sense than obscurantist principles that religion always espouses. Christian churches, no matter what their persuasion or creed, shall not accept a church that support gay community. Take a recent bombing of a Sufi mosque in Pakistan where the bomber waited for the prayer time to cause maximum damage will be an eye opener for any one that imagines religion is as innocuous as what it preaches. Religion is the opium of the masses and it takes away all the nuances of good breeding, sweetness of civil society,- and Islam has from the time it became an established religion proved the implacable hostility of a believer for any dissent, and this religion is a heady potion for the Semitic race. Just like Hebrews this children of Ishamael cannot see beyond black and white on the point of faith. For a Moslem there is nothing in between. It may be ironic that as far as liberties of individuals under Moslems and Christian rulers in the past they have been far more tolerant to let Christians, Jews and other sect practice their religion in their own quarters as long as they did it quietly and without endangering the public order and peace. Only one go through the atrocities the so called crusaders perpetrated in order to deliver Jerusalem from the ‘infidels’. Catholic Church has shown in comparison far more perfidious in this respect.
For the rise in fundamentalism and terror as a political tool Islam has only taken a leaf out of the policies of the West. An average Moslem on the street equates the west for Christianity and the manner the west has double dealt with the political fortunes the Middle east is now etched in his consciousness. Thus if some fundamentalist Imam in Malaysia says any Christian who utters the world ‘Allah’ has profaned it what is the result? Several churches are torched forthwith.
Now we see a good will ambassador sent by Cordoba Initiative making a pitch for harmony and religious good-will. This is all well and commendable.
Given the past examples one cannot induce goodwill by some fatuous gestures and speeches.
Coming to the controversy of Islamic Center near Ground Zero I remember the government of Yahoos allowing a bar near the kindergarten school. The one who got license to open the bar said he stood guarantee for the quality of spirits he sold over the counter. ‘There shall be no loose, ungodly curses, four letter words around here,’ he was certain. The drinks were meant to be consumed by grown ups and responsible citizens.
What he did not guarantee was the customers under the influence of liquor.
We have a situation similar where the right to practice religion is guaranteed.

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