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Energy is neither created nor destroyed. Recalling Einstein’s famous formula a small mass of matter when converted releases tremendous amount of energy. All that energy mankind has ever possessed or shall, owe to what was released at the time of the Big Bang.
Evolution in a manner of speaking is a transaction of so many species with energy as  bills of exchange.
Like the gold standard to which currency of nations are tied, species competes one another to get the best deal.
Naturalists reckon land animals under the existing conditions, could hold a weight of 100 tons but no animal has come anywhere near that mark. ‘Small is beautiful’ is the message the size of animals seems to indicate. Trimmer they are, less energy they shall need to expend we might say.
Since every life form utilizes energy one might say mankind is connected or bonded to serve one another. Each of us is a consumer and how much we spent or gained are matters that shall be resolved when Reconciliation of Energy takes place. Here is one proof of our footprint that is set in Time and Space. Like the footprints of dinosaurs who are extinct, still arouse intense interest among the fossil hunters and scientists alike.


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