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In an earlier post ‘Don’t knock on my ideals of Sept.17 I wrote thus: ‘The absolute position each of us occupies is about Truth. It is in Time and Space while we have our being on the Earth in time and space.

Soul is thus in context of Truth. Is Soul within my being or is located free from all taint in the absolute position? Whatever I say could only be a conjecture. The truth of the matter is we have fallen short of the ideal and as finite beings are subject to corruption. Our sojourn on this earth therefore is a relative position. We are on this side of heaven.


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The distance between the Absolute Position and relative position I hold today is marked by time and experience. What are we but a bundle of contradictions: we hold a reference to something otherworldly and yet our experience as terrestrial beings marks us to something else. Theologically this is our ‘fallen state’ with Absolute Position as the idyllic state of innocence.


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