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Man wants to attend an Apple event so bad he’s willing to change his name to do it-Today in Tech,Yahoo News- April,27’12
I never thought one could be addicted on apple. Granny Smith, Elstar and Golden Delicious are all fine and a breakfast with an apple to sink your teeth into at the end is a pleasure I can still enjoy. But now I see people can lose their head over Apple.
Here is the current news:

Have a ticket to Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) this June 11 that you’re just not going to be able to use? Well, there’s a man in San Francisco who wants to take that ticket off your hands — a man so desperate to attend the event that he’ll undergo a legal name change just to be able to use your ticket.
The anonymous buyer posted an ad on Craigslist, offering a whopping $1,600 for a ticket to Apple’s WWDC. The only catch is that tickets to the conference are non-transferable. That means that if the buyer wants to use someone else’s ticket, nothing short of a legal name change will do.”
Apple is some kind of religion, no doubt. In olden days religion was not good for some and ‘sudden conversions’ made them change their way of life and name as well. It could be said these days for Apple some are willing to change their name even for Apple experience.Tech. jargon must make them ‘speak in tongues’ and clap their hands looking at the style and feel of it.


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