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Past Imperfect-2

Considering our middle state we do not begin our lives on a clean slate; instead we are carrying a world of genetic information along. Where it began or where it shall all end we cannot say. Human condition sets limits to our knowledge. For a Christian only God is endowed with Power and Wisdom in absolute sense.
With cosmic impacts shaping events on the earth we might say man is caught in the middle not realizing some parts of our globe are helped while some are destroyed. Atlantis is a case in point. So how do we settle on to anything? In our solar system we have planets orbiting around the sun. Meanwhile the sun the Milky Way has its own orbit. With so many objects moving about we require a rest frame to study motion of celestial objects relative to us. This is a frame of reference. It is thus we affix God as Absolute, ‘I changeth not.’ Our moral values and history keeps shifting so what we see now is a new normal and truth is transactional. We may say a lie is permissible but it is set in context of God. Thus we have God and his Word as the frame of reference.
From many passages in the Bible we are shown how God shall set up his kingdom. It signifies the end times.
The Book of Daniel narrates that King Nebuchadnezzar in a dream saw an image of world kingdoms. Head of the image was of fine gold, the breast and arms were of silver and so on. The quality of these governments progressively is shown inferior. The feet made up of iron and clay. Naturally the world powers are, by very design set up on a weak foundation. A stone is dropped out of nowhere smashing the image and nothing of it was to be seen. Instead the stone became a mountain filling the earth. Of this let us only take up the stone, which is dropped out of nowhere. A meteor striking like any cosmic impact is otherworldly, is it not? This dream interpreted by Daniel is a clue to the manner God shall set up his kingdom.
In the Bible we have several references of such impacts directly affecting historical events. In the Book of the Judges we have almost an identical event. On the eve of a war with the Midianites one soldier is narrating his dream to another and Gideon is overhearing as arranged by God. One barley cake comes out of nowhere and tumbles into the enemy camp smashing them. As intended Gideon is ready to fight. Gideon became a hero as a result. This leads us to what happened to one of his sons Abimelech, the son from a maid. He had to kill his brethren, 70 of them before he could reach this position. Because of his treachery and wickedness his end came in a most dramatic manner. He came before a tower and he was there to punish those who held out. One woman dropped a millstone on him. He died. (Jud.9)
This event is identical with the millstone thrown by an angel to punish Babylon, which is a label for any great harbour city. It could be New York, Shanghai, Singapore or Dubai. The point is the manner it is done. “And a mighty angel took up a great millstone and cast it into the sea..(Rev.18:21)” triggering the end of the city. This is how we make sense of the word of God. Narrative passages from beginning to the end are consistent in spirit. Man without God is heading for disaster while man who follows peace shall be secure in the kingdom of God as and when set up.
It is news while some would say it is fake news. Man is at liberty to choose what he will but one day all the lies shall be called out.

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Had not Truth been constant, think of the waste of effort and time that we spend to give good account of ourselves at all times. Our moral imperatives are like a grapnel thrown to hold on to something immovable. Truth is the bedrock for cosmos whether it goes on expanding or static; similarly Truth is not proved wrong whatever theoretical universes man may put forward. (Newtonian model was replaced by Einstein’s theory.) Truth of man is not at fault but his nature that he is changeable, being stuck to his time and space.
Truth is like a star, a rest-frame against which, march of events may be seen if not fully understood.
In an earlier post I had explained love in relationship to Truth in the case of Christianity. Cardinal virtue of Islam is obedience to the will of Allah. Obedience to Truth is by no means a lesser virtue than love. The devil is in practice of religion. Love as embodied by Jesus within a century branched out, one group following St. Paul and the other St. Peter. If obedience to Truth is the foundation of Islam how is that Shi’ite and Sunni sects hold irreconcilable division? Did Buddhism fare any better? Truth is no more compromised than followers of sects who forget in their misguided zeal of course, all the needful lessons which religion upholds.  The expression ‘Throwing the baby with bathwater’ in the case of religion can be rephrased thus: ‘To prove their sect as the right one, they cut the nose of truth to spite their prophets’.
Truth of nature is implied here.  Truth absolute suffers no harm in whichever way truth of nature may express it.

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