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In my novel Aesop represents Good Sense and is Everyman. We see him as a foundling taken under the wings of Apollo who also undertakes his rearing despite the dire circumstances his physical life need cope with. Law of Compensations works out thus: His rustic upbringing provides all the wherewithal when he is freed from slave duties. Those animals and their characteristics make his fables real and life-experience add insight to the reader how he or she ought to conduct in the world. Prudence, moderation,humility, impartiality and friendship, forbearance are little gems to be found out in his fables. In any age where intra-personal relationships are the means to determine outcome of an enterprise success owes to character, which is to be adequate for the purpose man is best fitted out. Generally speaking character of man is his humanity. If one speaks of public life this humanness must be able to discern his times,purpose and his best interests. Similarly a man of success would have learned how to be relevant without sacrificing his own worth.

Life is short. Aesop began life from a disadvantage but each step brought along something positive that was like interest adding up: life experience is the capital. so is friendships and knowledge. In the Classical ethos Apollo stands for such positivism while Silenus is that of excesses with which one not self-disciplined can easily fall an easy prey to. Such compensation is marked in the moral compass and is so true even in this crass superficial age real worth of man and his success remain the same..

This is a fictional biography where I have incorporated lessons I learned and thought out in some seven decades. .



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