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Brother Conehead ©

In the Andes there is a place called Pacariqtambo, which means “the dawn tavern”. There were three caves. Within the center cave, Tambo Tocco lived four brothers and four sisters. One carried a staff of pure gold and the brothers and sisters one day decided to travel in four directions and build an empire worthy of Sapa Inca (the child of the Sun).
One brother Ayar Cachi went on boasting about his immense strength and the other brothers could hear even though they were miles away. So they plotted among them and sent a messenger to Ayar Cachi saying only he was worthy to catch the sacred llama that went missing . Ayar Cachi was pleased to be given this assignment and he went back to the cave. He searched everywhere but he could not trace the llama. Instead he found a golden staff. He immediately thought of his brother Ayar Manco. He threw it back in the direction of Ayar Manco.
Next Morning Ayar Manco came out of his hut. Imagine his great astonishment to see his staff at the clearing before the hut! He looked for the one he had kept by his mat. It was gone. At least he had not lost it. He was relieved and completely forgot about the incident. Nor did it remind him of his brother whom he had tricked.
Ayar Manco founded the Inca empire.
Ayar Cachi was turned into a stone while the Inca empire became the greatest empire. It stretched north into modern day Ecuador and Colombia.
One morning Ayar Cachi woke up as though a spell had broken. His head smarted. He felt it and thought there was something peculiar. Only when he went to a stream and while he was about to drink he saw his head was extended like a cone!
Pachamama the Mother earth told him about the rise and fall of the Inca empire. How Atahualpa and his brother Huáscar were tricked by Pizarro and his men. Ayar Cachi’s blood boiled to hear the perfidy of Spaniards. He asked the goddess to give him strength to fight them.
She laughed and said, ‘While you were in a dream sleep I made you a conehead.’ She explained that she wanted to prevent him fight for his siblings who were as perfidious as the Spaniards. ‘With a conehead like yours who shall take you seriously?’ In the end she prevailed over him and made him a keeper of llamas.
As Pachamma had foreseen, the Kingdom of Spain had to suffer all the troubles visited on them by a civil war and the brutal regime of General Franco, Recession etc.,It’s treachery had come a full circle. (July 16, 2012)



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The merchant just dreaded what was to come. The jinn said pointing to the lifeless body of his son.
‘You killed my son and I want blood for blood’
The merchant appealed to his better nature. The jinn gave a terrible laugh and said,’What better nature you expect when the Lord of Three Kingdoms made us Jinns as beastly as they come?’
The merchant cried and cried saying that he had not settled his business in order. ‘Give me one year grace period and I shall come back to this spot without fail. You can have satifaction.’
The Jinn stared at the merchant as he went on emphasizing how his death would make his family disconsolate. ‘But I fear Allah and if I break my oath He shall punish me and the fear outweighs what love I have for my wife.’ He ended saying, ‘Without fail I shall be here. And my neck under thy disposal.’
The Jinn stared at his neck and his scimitar and said,’Allah blessed you with industry and a famiily.’ His face darkened and said,’ But Allah cursed me. Yet I shall show mercy because I choose to be merciful.’He put his scimitar away.
Taking the lifeless body of his baby he sat down and rocked it to and fro.Seeing the merchant still standing there he waved him away,’Run off Next year be here, without fail’
The merchant returned to his home with a heavy heart.

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