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F. Scott Fitzgerald’s famous line about the rich: “They are different from you and me.”does not apply to politicans who cadge your votes. They are rich beggars whose offshore accounts, if they are Mormons, can be in three places.
What makes rich different from you and me?
The rich can gold plate their teeth if they want to. The other day the Don of Snazzi-Pazzi family had his teeth capped. Later that year while his feet were capped with block of cement and under water, sharks who came around saw his teeth sparkling and were impressed.’He is my kind of guy’ said they while they dug in.
The rich can miss flights and drop millions and yet say,’I will dip into tax-payer’s money a little more deeper.’ Yes if the poor slobs have been funding my lifestyle and paying for my shenanigan’s I don’t see why should n’t they cover my lapses as well?
The rich can take it easy if the lawyer’s bills are stiff. They can spend a little hush-money and your contract will see the lawyer is laid out stiff instead.
So the rich is all the bad things you can imagine. Only that when you win at Lotto some 356 billions you wont imagine a thing! In that case leave us poor slobs to imagine. At least imagination is free under the sun is it not?


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