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A couple of days ago my wife and I watched La Règle of Jeu(1939). Yesterday was the International Women’s day and I thought two actresses from this memorable classic need to be remembered . The first actress took the role of Genevieve de Marras the mistress of the Marquis of La Coliniere and the second played the lead role of Christine ‘l’etrangere’ wife of the Marquis.
The actress Mila Parély, of her true name Olga Colette Peszynska, died 16 January 2012 at the 94 years age, in Vichy, where she lived since about fifty years.
Of Polish origin, the actress born in Paris on October 7, 1917, had made her beginnings on the boards in 1932 and left it for love. At the 40 years age she became nurse to devote her life for her husband, the racing driver Scottish Thomas Mathieson, victim of a road accident.
In the mid 1930s Nora Gregor married the vice chancellor of Austria, fascist politician Prince Ernst Ruediger von Starhemberg, with whom she had a son, Heinrich (1934–1997). Falling foul with the Nazi regime in 1938, the Starhembergs emigrated to France through Switzerland, and her husband joined the Free French forces; cut off from their money and eighty family estates, they were supported for a period by Starhemberg’s close friend Friedrich Mandl, the Austrian armaments magnate. In 1942, the Starhembergs moved to Argentina.
Reportedly depressed since the beginning of her South American exile, Gregor committed suicide in Viña del Mar, Chile.
Rest in Peace and in grateful remembrance of making our lives a little sweeter.

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