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Out of the blue these lines came into my mind “What, art thou drawn among these heartless hinds?
Turn thee, Benvolio. Look upon thy death. (Ac.1sc.1)”
Writing a whole play is not worth my while. You cannot improve upon a rose any more than a play of the bard.
So I shall do a sketch; what if Benvolio had put up a fight?
Shears of hell thy blade be-
But what fear hold I,
you wretched Tybalt?
(Drawing a stiletto from the folds of cloak),
This short but nasty
steel knows no fear;
nor my wrist hurt of insults
hurled at me.
(Lungest at Tybalt and wounds him)
Caught you in midst of
sins unconfessed
Didn’t I?
And begone!
Hounds of hell yelp at the gate.
At the gate already!
You shall sup with  worms tonight “
Afterall the BBC 2 program ‘Pointless’ has a point. This evening I watched the contestants having to fill the blanks of the lines from the Bard. It set me thinking.

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Parody on the Balcony Scene Act 2sc.ii-

But soft what light through yonder window breaks…

Medusa! your hair is all a-tumble, Fie!

Had you wash’d and tied your hair as before

My love would have grown wings at mere mention

Of your name and fallen at feet, a fool

Faint for love,- Oh Medusa strange is your head

(More terror I have never felt till now -)

How strange that your tresses breathe pestilence,

Are they horrid vipers dining on lice?

Tell me but wait! I feel, Oh something strange

Your eyes pierce with their laser points

And it is not honey your serpent tongue drips:

Ay me! With venom ting’d I’m all aflutter

My heart winds down and the throat closes in.

I am not a fool for love Oh Medusa

I am stone dead and am consign’d to hellfire!

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Mohammed Merah, the 23-year-old French gunman who confessed to killing seven people in the city of Toulouse in southwest France, is dead after being shot in the head by a police sniper during a final dramatic shootout with French police. It was the culmination of a 31-hour standoff with hundreds of French anti-terror police who had surrounded the building where Merah had barricaded himself.
French Interior Minister Claude Gueant told reporters Thursday that Merah had ceased communicating with negotiators around midnight, after discussing a possible surrender, giving rise to speculation he might have committed suicide. “But when heavily armed paramilitary police entered the apartment through the door and several windows about 10:30 a.m., Gueant said, Merah burst out of the bathroom, blasting away with several weapons,” the Washington Post’s Edward Cody reported. Gueant said Mareh had fired at police before jumping out of the window where “he was found dead on the ground below.”
Can a wrong be avenged by a wrong? No.
For the Jews and Arabs no amount of arguments or apologies will do. Time for live and let live approach has been found useless. Blood has been spilt and and it has spilled from Palestine area to all over the cities and town. Toulouse is the latest name to see the wanton mindless killing of the innocent children by a terrorist. The world is accessory to the butchers at work and they are at work with the blessings of their peers, where the rabbis and mullahs are merely beasts with modes of dress all slightly altered to give the religion a cloak. They sustain murder for all their Scriptures. Religion has taught them both nothing.
These killings for a wrong somewhere in mindless past( so old it all seems to be relevant) shall go on and the fools may die with a thought they died for a cause. Once again another killing and it would signal the death of the last victim was a waste. Thus the cause is buried under the pile of the dead and the cause even if is removed has created so much evil as a result.
Having seen these and for so long I can only say with Mercutio in Romeo and Juliet,’A Plague o’ both your houses!’
Let there be not a single healthy olive tree or date tree ever grow from all that blood drenched accursed soil.

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“He is Romeo, a Montague..’©

Summer solstice 2398

“I am an android. My name is not important. I see your eyebrows go up already. You see me as different from you. Don’t you? If I can talk in the manner of man and accept you for what you are take me as I am.  You are a man and I am almost a man,-  an android. Now that you have come visiting I will make an exception.

If you are still particular for such things as my name,  color, and family particulars here is my handle: Will. As for other things in the Constellation Cygnet W-346  the rest is silence”.

Three moons later.

“Man you have aged since I saw you last. Here let me show two of your folks we have been holding in our lab. See the fellow there. He is Veronese whatever that means. Ah I see your eyes pop up. OK he is an Italian I gather from your look of shock. Hold Still. Let me gather whatever intelligence I can gather from your O. So he is Romeo and the lady,chit of a girl is Juliet. Their names ring no bell here. Sorry man. You are now palavering. Stop fidgeting. I am reading as best as I can from your biorhythm. Steady old man!  What has come over you? You are reciting snatches of your thoughts.”

“He jests at scars that never felt a wound./But soft ! what light through yonder window breaks? ”

“I feel you may soon froth at the mouth,- and you are as if stricken with some fever, uexplained.”

“Now I will try to make you get back your balance. There is nothing to get excited about. What is in a name? I shall take you myself to where Romeo stands. I ought to tell you that we had him reanimated from cold death. We put him within slabs of ice when we brought him here first. He with the girl lay in some ruined vaults. We thought we may have something real from your world.”

“Are you surprised that we use first person plural? Here we hold no difference between a professor or a sweeper. How Professor W-III reassemble dead carcass to life or the varlet who sweeps whatever left of the operation are part and parcel of the same world we all occupy.”

“Oh I can see you are all astir. I shall led you to Romeo and he is a fellow who loves to watch.”.

“No I didn’t say balcony. You shall see for yourself what I mean.”

“Man you positively froth at the mouth. So a man wants to watch. You said Peeping Tom! One moment you thought him as some god, so special. Next moment you stand in judgment of him.  What kind of a conduct! Scandalous!”

“So he prefers watching pornographic images than talking to Juliet. Is it of any concern to you? He is merely behaving like the rest of us”.

“I grant you that too much watching is as bad as your mouthing some silly snatches that are not your own invention.”

Thou canst not speak of what thou does’t not feel.(Ac IIIscIII)

“I see you are still perplexed. If you must know I am William Shakespeare.”





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