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Love I can well understand: it is fine

My world is lit up anew by the word.

Many a bard has for inspiration

Sought and found love sublime their motherlode;

Who shall blame Romeo or fair Juliet

If love did pour such glorious music?

It is a flame fanned to such a height

Truth of what follows is not what we seek.

Put out the light, O Moor and with bare hands

Kill the green eyed monster, if you dare!

We miss truth when love is less than it sounds

Love we sound so loud, but truth do we care?

Love is sublime and we cannot but seek:

Truth is we are worn down by what we seek.



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Kerala Ravi Varma, Valia Koithampuran(1020-1290 M.E)
According to Western calender he was born in 1745. When he was thirty he fell out of favor with the Maharaja of Travancore and as a result he was put under house arrest in the confines of the Alleppey palace. After a year he was moved to another palace and he was released only in 1780. Each day was like a century for him made more distressing since he was deeply in love with his wife who was also disconsolate. She was in Trivandrum. In his poetic vision he found the peacock at the Haripad temple as his go-between. Just as Kalidasa, earlier found in the drifting clouds the carrier of his deeply felt feelings. He wrote the poem, sublime in thought and grandiloquent in meter fifteen years after he was released.

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On Love ©
Eye has not seen beauty
As my inner eye;
Ear has not heard yet,-
Nor lips have sated
When love kissed me
Full, and again unask’d.


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