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Synopsis: Between two rival wizards Askold is a pawn. He is lured into the enchanted woods of Griswold to fetch certain items. Entry into the dreaded woods nudges his memory and slowly he realizes who he really is. He saves the antler-men and the wizard who is his real father.

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“He is Romeo, a Montague..’©

Summer solstice 2398

“I am an android. My name is not important. I see your eyebrows go up already. You see me as different from you. Don’t you? If I can talk in the manner of man and accept you for what you are take me as I am.  You are a man and I am almost a man,-  an android. Now that you have come visiting I will make an exception.

If you are still particular for such things as my name,  color, and family particulars here is my handle: Will. As for other things in the Constellation Cygnet W-346  the rest is silence”.

Three moons later.

“Man you have aged since I saw you last. Here let me show two of your folks we have been holding in our lab. See the fellow there. He is Veronese whatever that means. Ah I see your eyes pop up. OK he is an Italian I gather from your look of shock. Hold Still. Let me gather whatever intelligence I can gather from your O. So he is Romeo and the lady,chit of a girl is Juliet. Their names ring no bell here. Sorry man. You are now palavering. Stop fidgeting. I am reading as best as I can from your biorhythm. Steady old man!  What has come over you? You are reciting snatches of your thoughts.”

“He jests at scars that never felt a wound./But soft ! what light through yonder window breaks? ”

“I feel you may soon froth at the mouth,- and you are as if stricken with some fever, uexplained.”

“Now I will try to make you get back your balance. There is nothing to get excited about. What is in a name? I shall take you myself to where Romeo stands. I ought to tell you that we had him reanimated from cold death. We put him within slabs of ice when we brought him here first. He with the girl lay in some ruined vaults. We thought we may have something real from your world.”

“Are you surprised that we use first person plural? Here we hold no difference between a professor or a sweeper. How Professor W-III reassemble dead carcass to life or the varlet who sweeps whatever left of the operation are part and parcel of the same world we all occupy.”

“Oh I can see you are all astir. I shall led you to Romeo and he is a fellow who loves to watch.”.

“No I didn’t say balcony. You shall see for yourself what I mean.”

“Man you positively froth at the mouth. So a man wants to watch. You said Peeping Tom! One moment you thought him as some god, so special. Next moment you stand in judgment of him.  What kind of a conduct! Scandalous!”

“So he prefers watching pornographic images than talking to Juliet. Is it of any concern to you? He is merely behaving like the rest of us”.

“I grant you that too much watching is as bad as your mouthing some silly snatches that are not your own invention.”

Thou canst not speak of what thou does’t not feel.(Ac IIIscIII)

“I see you are still perplexed. If you must know I am William Shakespeare.”





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I was the cup-bearer to King Sint Bernard. In the Constellation CTA 579 there is only one who expects respect. He as the king demands and gets it from his queen, and his subjects. He is a lucky dog, really. You see we Hatsheputians are all dogs. But some are more lucky than others, I guess.
The day I thought I will search new pastures I went to him and pulled him by his snout and kissed him on both cheeks. Nothing more I needed to do. It was as good as a letter of resignation.
He shoved me down the 180 steps, and happy as a lark I went.
A few galaxies I visited and then I went to a constellation that was pretty strange. Not knowing how to get past the beasties who surrounded me and growled I did the next best thing. The one who looked as very important, since he remotely suggested King Sint Bernard, I grabbed him by his tail and kissed his both cheeks.
That saved my skin I am sure. Hardly I stood up the whole crowd exploded into laughter. “ You are a lucky dog!” said the one who got kissed and introduced himself as the leader of the pack. He said in the end rather friendly,” Here you kiss my ass, the whole door opens before you.” After a while I thought I would escape while the going was good. So I took leave kissing once again and left.
Back among the Hatesheputians I once again called on the king. King Sint Bernard II was not like his sire but a growling hulk of a monster. I had to improvise and I took by his tail and kissed his ass. It came as a flash of inspiration. But the king just threw me out of his kingdom and closed the city gate.
Initiative is good up to a point I suppose.

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