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Trash life of a man

For no rede than his bad luck;

What motive you seek

If he simply wants control

His life to hell, if so be?

Mart can swing back and forth

And throw lives to penury and want,-

And leave men to gutter.

Even so good folks bless their own kind

By mart’s munificence.

Hypocrisy thrives where chance rules

And throw a loaded dice.

Trash life of a man

For no rede than his bad luck;

What motive you seek

if your wine tastes but poison

And aftertaste (is) horror of hell

While Lazarus lay at the gate?


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One customer in his thirties: I went for a pillow fight, by the Arch, you know the joint, old gym shuttered up? Well the rule tells you gotta bring your own pillow. So I lifted one from the sidewalk and you know what! The pillow was stuffed with greenbacks- and bills flew all over the place and the fight had to be called off. Such a ruckus, such scramble!’ He sighs and reaches for his hooch.
The second helps him to hold his glass,’Steady now, That is how you are in braces and head in bandages?’
‘Oh no, Sam,’ the first spits a tooth before speaks,’I went back for the mattress. I almost had the stuffing out. But …tough luck it was occupied.’

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The customer,’I have problem remembering birthdays, anniversaries. So I'( baring his sleeves) have them all tattooed here.’
The second equally soused,’I have the problem too. So I had my missus and the four brats the dates done.’
The first (grinning),’So you make them all line up for inspection before the day starts?’
The second,’Oh no! All I need look at the faces. And I know what is what.’

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Do not try this at home
There are over 82,000 residents in Trenton, as of a 2008 census.

According to latest CBS news report a 15 year old girl took her sister of 7 and she sold them for sex to as many as seven.  Trenton is the capital of New Jersey.

Police say the teenager, who stayed behind, also took money to have sex with others at a party in a Trenton apartment Sunday.

The older girl is charged with aggravated sexual assault, promoting prostitution and other crimes. Her name was not released because of her age.

Police are trying to track down the men and boys who were at the party.

The girl must have followed the spirit of free trade as dished out by politicians and capitalists alike in her own small way. Think what she set out to achieve at a tender age of 15 ! Only the manner in which she set out went wrong. She made moneyin the best tradition of capitalism on whoever she could get hold of: it happened to be her sister of seven.

The older sister apparently believed in the bromide we have heard so often,’ Catch’em young,’ and do not believe in anymore. We have become cynical as she has, and know the best trick to turn up a dollar or two is to have one fall guy on hand. Of course she had set up her sister and knew if she played her cards well she could have had the custom of  the entire Trenton. Well almost.


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