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NIKOLAI I. BUKHARIN (1888-1938) Russia


Political Theorist




Next to Lenin, Bukharin was the most intellectually gifted among the Russian revolutionary leaders of 1917, and his pre-revolutionary writings on imperialism and the State anticipated many conclusions Lenin arrived and acted upon. His works included Imperialism and World Economy Theory of Historical Materialism (an account of Marxist sociology ) and ABC of Communism (1921,co-authored byEvgenii Preobrazhensky) remain a vision of a Communist Utopia that never had a chance to get off the ground by political events at home. A growing personality cult around Stalin had obviated need for it.

Bukharin allied at first with Joseph Stalin in the mid-20s and took the mantle of Nestor in the coterie around the Georgian. His high visibility as ideological spokesman of Socialism was to prove his downfall. In 1928-29 his *gradualist, pro-peasant economic policy collapsed he rejected Stalin’s solution of collectivization and allied with Trotsky-Zinoviev. His fall from power was complete with his liquidation in 1938. One glimmer of his immense talent wasted may be seen in 1936 Constitution, much of it was written by him but the democratic promise Soviet socialism would be negated by political and international events and the threat of Nazism.


Bukharin’s economic policies became more conservative as necessary to reap the fruit of revolution of 1917: his policy of gradualism was his belief that socialism in the Soviet Union could evolve only over a long period of gestation. His agricultural policies were also controversial. Bukharin’s theory was that the small farmers only produced enough food to feed themselves. The large farmers, on the other hand, were able to provide a surplus that could be used to feed the factory workers in the towns. To motivate the kulaks to do this, they had to be given incentives, or what Bukharin called, “the ability to enrich” themselves. From hindsight one may appreciate this idea was far ahead of the times.




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Re. my post on the Age of New Physics what science reveals is that in a collision of matter and antimatter,nihilism is not an option. Matter shall always have an edge over anti-matter. The earth was not ‘created’ in vain but was intended to be inhabited. Having said created you might ask, ‘how can you uphold science in one breath and speak of creation in the next? Science is not foolproof as we are ever discovering to our dismay. Einstein was the last word but science advances and Einstein’s theories recede into the past. New understanding splices into what was supposed and over a length of time shall be shown to altogether different. nutrinos can travel faster than the speed of light and technology shall push the envelop further than before. Let us give science its due place.( see correction at the end)

In all these what we need to remember is that positive values of universe cry out for mankind to be positive in their outlook as well. Merely because greed of some has made mess of our future we ought to think other means to go past these folks for whom material wealth is all that matters. Let them sort out their confusion and we need to get grips with what think is our best way forward. By throwing some dole to the poor shall never make them free from the yoke of poverty. The poor and weak in society need to be helped so they have adequate skills to grow further and make their way in life.It is not money but knowledge coupled with power is the secret. Positive intelligence in such a case shall cut a wide swath for man to go further.
Positive intelligence also tells us that any material object wealth for example with its adjuncts status, fame shall never be satisfied. The more you get more wants it will create and that make you a slave. Instead find a positive way to make material wealth our servant and not the master. Positive intelligence frees us from material servitude to be at ease with our interior word and material world equally. By positive intelligence we say ‘yea’ to life.
Those who want to write their future need to hold onto the Positive intelligence.
I do not expect it would reveal us the kind of Creator God we are looking for. As humans let us not expect the impossible and think of silly stuff like guardian angels, prophets and such like. It is foolish to kill all those who worship gods with twenty hands since you are convinced your gods have two heads.
The intelligence with which we can carve the piece of mutton laid on our table will do. It is also intelligence to eat as much as your body can take it. Positive intelligence gives you all you need to be at peace with both visible and inner worlds. As the earth has given you may give equally your best to others. It is such intelligence that can make the earth fit for all those who want to make a difference positively.
A correction: Now the Scientists have retracted and found their basis to hold nutrinos can travel faster than light was based on wrong data. (March 23,2012-b.)

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Socialism for the Richdrawings-benny1

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