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An East Harlem man accused of killing his grandma confessed he gave her a hug – then body slammed her – after she handed him $1 instead of the $175 he demanded, a cop testified Wednesday.
“Oh my God, I killed my grandmother,” Larry Davis, 22, admitted, according to Det. Mark Worthington.
We all love our grandmothers. More so when they love us without strings attached. Grandmothers are a breed apart and are not like our parents. Grandmothers cannot do wrong. We are likely to hate at times their sons or daughters. For we do not like to be told,’ we have to earn our keep and we must be responsible for the mess we make’. Worse still our parents love to keep us short on our pocket money. They mistakenly think they can straighten us out by shortchanging in our pleasures.
But grandmothers do not have such a mindset.
Do not we see all a piggy-bank when we see one? Grandmothers are something that we can bank on. No one can be so blind not to touch them for a hand out. Only that when they are soft touch we dig deeper. Much to our horror we come to a point we have become sponge and not responsible adults.
We sober up and grow out of it. Alas some do not grow up,- like Larry. He asked too often and the grandma knew whenever she saw him to dip into her purse. He asked finally for $175. Poor grandma gave $1 as first installment. I am sure she intended to give $7 in the next and $5 as the third and final installment. Poor Larry could not figure it out. That was his mistake.
Moral of this: I know when it is a no and I can say no even when the ‘yes’ is not good for me.


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