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Cry me a river, love

Let me feel the hurt, with each drop

I am drawn nowhere

But to the centre

where pain is nowhere

But everywhere.

Cry me an ocean of laughter

Ah I feel already the wind in my hair-

Hopes are a-winging and the shore line is receding

As sails full with wind I am away in a whirl

Racing the clouds overhead! 

Why didn’t we think of this before

I feel better already.


It is almost 1.30 Am and I am wide awake. While opening the blog I casually saw the title ‘Cry me a River’ and this poem is the result. If I have to suffer insomnia let me turn it to something worthwhile.  b)   



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A Tuesday’s Child©

I am a Tuesday’s child;
For a Tearsday child
Tears come fast and easy.
It was on a tearsday
Mama held me up
And said,‘ light of my eyes
You are mine.’
And then she slept.
A tearsday child I am:
Monday or any other day
Makes no difference
Till I can hear Mama say,
‘Light of my eyes,
No more shall sleep
Keep me away
From what is mine’.

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