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Much pity, you have cast your 

Name for the hollow prattle

Of some foul fiend who showed

You his world to come,

And pressed the lead hot shot

To fashion as you will.

Without a Name wander you will-

Never know the wind, nor music

Of the Spheres from which

You ignoble beggar, without a name 

Shall forever wander.

For when soul was your own name

You chose some fiend for your sage

That made nit-picking of Word

his empire-building.  

If you should come across nameless fears

these are ever your pickings 

Gone is your aim; so has your ease-

Nothing remains but darkness surround:

Consider you earned your wages

And also the empire of darkness

That now surrounds you.



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As you sow shall you reap:

It is seed cast by wind

From which I seek not so much

as the Source but to draw

what stray winds blow

And the loam of habits that gather

to hinder my passage.

I know I have learned to leave the

seat of cosmic filaments firm of hold

To its tasks as it is past my purpose.

What is before is not the comfort

Of tradition sown by stray winds

But my very passage home

where every star is a blossom

Bursting with intimations of

my Immutability.


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This Soul Thing

I can’t read a man by his gait;

Nor I am much for Iris by the gate

I see the eye and my blinking stare 

sees not her iris but smile;

I can’t tell least of my soul

though my very life I swear.

All that colors the world wears and

Holds promises never meant to keep

I know I must see through with Intent.

Intent is but wind unless I prove it

By deeds that speak best for me.

Only my deeds have I to discern

the verity of Soul : I swear by it.


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“Soul is your signature , that stands for you; it is your word standing its own in the cosmic silence; it is a tacit agreement you have entered with the universe to be a light in darkness wherever it happens. It is a seal that is not broken though your body hits the dust.”


Originally a comment left of a blog which I regularly follow. 

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The supposedly zero hour has come and gone and I asked one crystal skull,’You got it all wrong. The world is still doing its rounds’.
The skull answered,’You did not see its beginning How can you say it did not end?’
While I scratched my head for a rational answer another crystal skull butted in,’He is right you know. His name is Adam.’
‘You mean he is the son of God?’
The second skull nodded and said,’I can vouch for his veracity. I did not even wink while he saw the planet take its first steps on the fast lane of civilization. I know he saw it all begin Civilization as you call it.’
‘Civilization? I asked incredulous, ‘You mean the earth was like Athena fully grown from the head of Zeus and it had a civilization to speak of?’
Third crystal skull said,’Yes in a manner of speaking.’
‘You think of life separate from the circle of which your world is only a teensy bit.’queried the second.
The other crystal skull tutted,’it is too much for his head to hold. Spare him from truth. He is flesh and blood you know.’
The second skull spoke,’I live in a parallel world where magical numbers make up our world. When I write the numeral one, there is one in your world sit up and scratch the letter A; and when I wrote 2 you know what he said? B should come after A. Don’t ask me,’ but he is from another world and time making up speech and sounds.’ I was speechless. Having digested it all I asked the skulls. ‘Correct me If I am wrong. You are one and the same life-form existing in different planets?’
‘Alas we are all same man but given different planets to occupy.’
‘Aha’ I asked,’So we have parallel worlds and you are all the same soul represented by crystal skulls?’
The souls said in unison that I was spot on.
They asked ‘How do you say that the world did not begin with civilization when we represented your inchoate state by civilization that would later fit you?
‘I know it was beastly ingratitude to speak civilization as purely our own creature’ I bowed to them all and said,’forgive me.’
‘But how is that there is so much misery and bloodshed, greed and imbecility in our world?’I added hesitating.
The crystal skulls looked pensive and said,’We set you a perfect example with so many parallel worlds, giving infinite shades of meaning. You only have you to blame for drawing wrong conclusions from such wealth of examples.’
In the end they said, ‘we are all Adams and what is your name?’
I bowed my head and said, ‘Adam. But my hands are clean. I didn’t shed any man’s blood.’
The host of crystal skulls waved and said, ‘We know. You shall also stand one day among us.’
‘When would that be?’
‘All in good time. It is nothing that you should worry about.’

Now for some background news:

The crystal skulls have spoken: The world is not going to end.
American seer Star Johnsen-Moser led a whooping, dancing, drum-beating ceremony Thursday in the heart of Mayan territory to consult several of the life-sized crystal skulls, which adherents claim were passed down by the ancient Maya.
The skulls weren’t the only inheritances left by the ancient civilization that have been making waves this week: The supposed end of the Maya long-count calendar on Friday has prompted a wave of doomsday speculation across the globe.
“This is not the end of the world, this is the beginning of the new world,” Johnsen-Moser said at a gathering of hundreds of spiritualists at a convention center in Merida. “It is most important that we hold a positive, beautiful reality for ourselves and our planet … Fear is out of place.”
The supposed 5 a.m. Friday doomsday hour had already arrived in several parts of the world with no sign of the apocalypse.

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The laws of nature have their natural claim on all. We may defy the gravity of our Earth in order to fly outward bound. Use the gravity of the planets like Venus or Jupiter to escape on an intergalactic flight. We use the higher gravity of these planets as though we are catapulted expending less fuel to achieve our object. Yet there is one law that holds its own rule: we shall not go past the speed of light.
Only way to break that rule for a Christian seems to be to use his imagination. Imagination sets you instantaneously right in the presence of God. St. Paul speaks of God ‘dwelling in the light which no man can approach unto; whom no man can see..'(1 Ti 6:16). Here it becomes clear as to its nature. Imagination is of a different medium than what we call as physical or material.
At the basic level we are atoms, molecules. When we die (or at the dissolution of material form) there is no dissolution or death as such to our atoms. In one of my earlier posts I had mentioned while explaining the law of entropy we are timeless. In the manner a complex form as an apple or a human body, it must turn from its organized state to simple and loose state of atoms. It denotes a period of time. An atom can never separate into its fundamental particles. Thus we may safely say at fundamental level of atoms we are all timeless. Imagination is squarely rooted in this timeless state.
Imagination therefore would imply a faculty that the physical state at its upper end cannot build by itself. Instead it is drawn from this extreme state of timelessness.
It is soul’s time travel.
Each of us exercises this mode of travel. It runs on faith. When we are young and full of vigor we don’t have to think of our body. Our trust is implicit that we may walk or jump or do what you will. It is just the same, faith. We exercise faith our body is adequate to discharge its functions. Or it may be at a higher plane we sharpen our mental faculties as a HG Wells or Jules Verne could, to defy what is not yet present. With imagination faith of a carnal body and mind adds a dimension to the limits of time-space.
God is omnipresent and omnipotent. Imagination is therefore unnecessary to the divine Will. Not so for a Christian. With imagination our souls can seek His presence and our prayers are also heard. Law of Light Years may have their rule but for our soul no such rule makes sense.

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The fruity smell of a banana is on account of a chemical substance, ester. It is distinct from that of a pineapple. Three carbons and six hydrogen in a molecular structure give its distinctive signature. Ethyl caprylate or amyl acetate is created when molecules are compounded in a correct sequence. With it each substance would have acquired its distinct personality or signature smell as well.
A geometrical recognition of molecules among themselves is implied for ester to be distinct from ethyl caprylate. A ‘virtual’ consciousness. Virtual in the sense it is imaginary and yet allowed. If ethyl caprylate is boiled in water, ester falls apart to produce alcohol and caprylate acid. Ester is insoluble in water. If every test follows predictably we must concede these molecules do carry some sort of awareness. A virtual consciousness.
My thoughts wing on the ubiquitous molecules of Cosmos and these are like bottled messages found floating but how I am found (or read) is not known. I know these fill out a profile who and what I am. The least I can do is to be consistent. Ethyl Caprylate is created when molecules compounded in correct sequence. Similarly my thoughts and actions do hint basic characteristics or ‘soul.’
Be not afraid of men who can only kill your body and not your soul. One may kill you in the name of prophet or religion another for the good of the state. They always find reasons for it. What a waste of effort! Killing Socrates or Stephen did not stop their cause. Freedom of thought is still preserved from harm. Stephen was the martyr for the Apostolic Church. Think what a disservice the Church later did when it became organized into a megalith and synonymous with every evil practice? Men cannot touch your soul and it shall speak in your defence or accuse you of selling you for a little pomp and earthly glory.

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