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  1. Day 1


Crack open an acorn and one might find a world of creatures that make it their home during the nut’s growth and decay. The number, however, is limited considering the size of the acorn. The nut has its limit so has the Earth.

The variety and number of organisms that fill an acorn will depend upon the surroundings. A nut lying on a bare and dry ground may not attract much as a decaying acorn swathed in a layer of moist leaves. Fecundity of moths, parasites and animals in an acorn owes to its environment as some parts of the Earth are more populated than other parts. The conclusion is quite compelling. Nature of an acorn in context corresponds with life forms interacting where the size of the Earth. Is it because Truth accommodates various species to organize about a triad? Truth of nature, of action and of experience create synergy that is for all to make use of?


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This is an excerpt from a book I am currently busy with. More or less it reflects my life in some 365 entries,- where all that I read observed and lived through in some seven decades, are put down as a Daybook-benny)


36 Day 5


God sent His only begotten Son to the world (John 3:16) in order lead us into his light. His testimony agrees in these three: ‘And there are three that bear witness in earth, the spirit, and the water, and the blood: and these three agree in one (1 John 5:8)’. Under the hand of John he received baptism to indicate his humanity. As a sign the spirit came like a dove descending and sat on him. On the cross his side pierced drew blood. Thus his humanity and deity have been established. He is indeed the firstborn from the dead.


36 Day 6


The Holy Spirit in keeping with the Father Son relationship, sets this: ‘Heaven is my throne and the earth is my footstool (Is.66:1).’ When Son finally fulfills His will we have the earth in heavenly places. The vision of four living creatures and the seven Spirits like seven lamps are set about the throne. (Re.4:3-8) indicate a mode of inversion. By death and resurrection of Jesus Christ it is the new earth that is our eternity.


36 Day 7


The Seven lamps that St John saw in his vision serve as a memorial. He makes spirit his angels (Ps.104:4) and we see several instances where they are sent to minister unto man. The angel waking up Elijah is one such. He strengthened the great prophet to go to Horeb where God had a message for him. Similarly when Jesus was in agony in the garden and a ministering angel attended to him. Between God and man there has been a highway so he has been always surrounded by the angel of his presence.

The Spirit makes the rock from which the Israel drank from as the Spiritual Rock that followed them. In spiritual parlance natural objects are invested with glory of God that is not in themselves but under whose hand it is set there.

Bread from heaven by the same token is not manna but the Son who came from his Father. In short what is the glory of God? It is the Son whose gospel made the earth double in for the heaven.








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Size of course matters: wouldn’t a may fly consider the lifespan of humans as interminable as we might look at a galactic year?

Correspondence on the matter of size: Our planet Earth is a living planet giving rise to millions of species of life forms; Because it is a home to every creature big or small, these life forms have learnt to interact in groups forming a food chain, and thriving as far as they could, making the most of their ecosystems.


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4 Day 7


Alexander of Macedon or Julius Caesar fought close combat when personal bravery often forced the outcome. How different it is from waging urban guerrilla warfare in our times? Art of war has lost its stomach for a single man to man confrontation.

We shall see law of entropy working in the manner Napoleon’s Grand Army was decimated in Moscow. A well-knit strategy is an order but when descends into chaos the result is inevitable, In his case an early winter had set in and he and his army had no choice but to retreat. General Winter was one among many imponderables that conspired against him.

Think of the early Christian church with the modern churches around the world. Religions show this dilution of cardinal virtues that prophets emphasized at the founding of their belief-systems. Apostles have given way for charismatic TV preachers advocating prosperity theology to milk the congregation. Order of Truth descending into chaos speaks of moral terms man cannot escape. Spirit of the times is a moral equivalent of the physical law.








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4 Day 5


From the analogy of apple (4.4) what changes it undergoes owe to the second law of Thermodynamics and it marks passage of time.

Time has no effect on a single atom. If an atom is smashed all you get is something else and by repeating it does not change. Atom is timeless in a manner of speaking. There is something complex about time, which is merely the means to separate an event from another. It is as mysterious as the first law: energy is indestructible.


4 Day 6


The second law can be expressed in several ways, the simplest being that heat will naturally flow from a hotter to a colder body. It is as simple as prayer of a believer goes up while blessings of the greater go toward the lesser.


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4 Day 4


A luscious apple left to itself over a period of time tends to become mush. Reason for this a law that dictates close-knit atoms tend to loosen up without energy acting on it.

Energy makes the working of universe on a single standard as the apple.

Thermodynamics deals with the study of heat and energy. When water in a kettle is boiled you shall hear it makes sound as water furiously bubbles from source of heat leading to its boiling point. The atoms are passing on heat as they knock each other about. Heat from outside introduced energy.

The laws of thermodynamics describe how energy moves around within a system, whether an atom, a hurricane or a black hole.

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In terms of ideas man cannot be further divided as one might do with compounds of molecules. He holds a core idea, his consciousness the centre about which he conducts his life. His partiality as well as his antipathy is about soul, the centre where material and abstract ideas he may espouse or change shall fit him as snugly as my nose on my face.

Considering he has his consciousness directing his wakeful state as well as his sleep Truth must stand independent of these two phases.


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  1. Day 2


Chemistry is a discipline to explain the working of material world in terms of chemical characteristics. Atoms or molecules have their relevance in our every day lives. For example. Coffee and basil do not complement each other. These have molecules that work opposite to each other. Coffee as a result will taste foul.

We smell before we fall in love. It is how our body has located olfactory receptors (OR for odorant receptors), within in our noses for the detection of odorants (i.e., compounds that have an odor). Love at first sight? Even before a woman has spoken a word man gets chemical messages. What does the message say?’ I feel excited!’ Naturally you fall in love. Such chemical communication is intra-personal and at unconscious level.



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Triad of nature, forces and integrity of each life form repeat even where each constituent is taken apart. Sodium in a table salt for instance has its uniqueness.

Sodium chloride, or table salt, easily dissolves in water. Both are ionic in nature, so the compound will dissociate into ions in water. An ion is an atom or molecule that has a net electrical charge. Since the charge of the electron is equal and opposite to that of the proton,

Atom has its own character. An ion is as distinct as atom. This has great bearing on the visible world as it appears to us. A cation is a positively charged ion, with fewer electrons than protons, while an anion is negatively charged, with more electrons than protons. Because of their opposite electric charges, cations and anions attract each other and readily form ionic compounds. This attraction at it basic level we see in gravity and magnetism. We may also include our preference for others owe to the chemical nature of material world.


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One microgram of table salt is not as simple as it appears. It holds such complexity that reveals the profundity of Truth in terms of material make up of our cosmos. Truth as Absolute must be constant given the circumstances are similar.

How sodium and chlorine atoms are held together determine the distinct flavor of salt. Chlorine is a deadly poison gas whereas sodium is a corrosive metal that burns upon contact with water. Truth of nature of sodium itself does not decide the taste of salt but the arrangement where each atom of sodium is held in place by chlorine and it is predetermined. It is not merely truth of material atom that negotiates with the nature of forces that come in play but Truth which governs the integrity of table salt.

Truth of nature is essence of the material form, crystal. Truth of experience is that distinct taste which one may get when used in dishes or in any other.

Truth of nature underlies forces (that hold its distinct flavor) together with truth of experience define Truth as though being evident.

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