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What happened in Rwanda, Serebrinica or Kosovo was terrible. Blood was spilt and ethnic cleansing waged by either side merited highest punishment to those who were responsible. Those who pulled the trigger were as guilty as those who stood on the sidelines and cheered on. No less evil were those ideologues who made the cause appealing so the blood bath would surely go on ( invariably history has taught us that these ‘compelling’ reasons soon enough show themselves unsustainable by shock of events occurring elsewhere. ) No less reprehensible is what caused in the aftermath of Korean War. The powers that allowed families to be split in the middle not caring for the emotional anguish on the families are unpardonable. I shall merely post the news and hope those who have caused and perpetrated this misery be treated as war criminals.
‘SEOUL, South Korea – Hundreds of Korean family members separated for more than half a century by the Korean War embraced each other in tearful reunions Saturday, a day after troops exchanged gunfire in the Demilitarized Zone dividing the countries.

“I thought you were dead. Mother missed you so much,” 61-year-old South Korean Lee Min-gwan told his 90-year-old North Korean father, Ri Jong Ryol, according to pool reports by local reporters.

“I did not forget (you) every single day for the past 60 years,” Ri replied to his son, who was 100 days old when they were separated during the war.

Foreign media were not allowed to cover the reunions.’

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