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Curse of Inca king!

Through wounded Catalan pride

Franco’s ghost lives on.



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SIMON BOLIVAR (1783-1830) South American
Liberator, Statesman

Born in Caracas, Venezuela his astounding career left his imprint on South American politics, a proof of which is Bolivia: Bolivia is named for Bolívar. His first opportunity arrived when a revolt erupted in 1810. Spain already weakened by the Napoleonic Wars could not hold onto its empire. Bolivar had no military experience other than the American War of Independence for model. After a series of military victories Venezuela gained independence (1813), but in the civil war that followed his forces were defeated by a royalist army (1815). Man of daring resolution who, like his hero George Washington had great capacity to bear adversity.

After exile in Jamaica, -he received help from President Alexandre Pétion of Haiti, he returned to lead rebel forces based in Orinoco. In 1819 he defeated the Spanish and established the republic of Greater Colombia, a federation that included present-day Venezuela, Colombia, Panama and Ecuador. Further victories in Peru, at Junin and Ayacucho (1824) spelled the end of Spanish rule Peru.
Bolivar was a complex man. Born to privileges and educated abroad( he was present during the coronation of Napoleon) he nurtured a vision of a united South America* which however was never realized. As in the case of Napoleon who carried with him the nationalist ideals in his Italian campaign Bolivar’s victories created various separatist movements. Their parochial outlook made them resent at the grand vision of their liberator. Towards the end he complained thus:’Those of us who have toiled for liberty in South America have but plowed the sea.’ In 1830 Bolívar resigned as president of Greater Colombia in 1830, just months before dying from tuberculosis. Unlike his hero who died a man venerated by all he died penniless.
Note:* Pan Americanism
Bolívar had a dream of uniting all South American, Central American and Caribbean countries and turning them into a single, economically independent country, which he had planned to name Estados Unidos de Latinoamérica, or The United States of Latin America. There was a meeting(1826)in Panama by Latin American presidents and governors to discuss this and rejected by only one vote.
While in Paris, Bolivar met Alexander von Humboldt, the great naturalist who had just returned after five years in South America. As von Humboldt spoke of the enormous natural resources and wonders of the continent, Bolivar remarked, “In truth, what a brilliant fate–that of the New World, if only its people were freed of their yoke.”

Von Humboldt responded, “I believe that your country is ready for its independence. But I can not see the man who is to achieve it.” It was a fateful comment Bolivar was to vividly recall the rest of his life.(Gerhard Masur: Simon Bolivar p.37/Albuquerque-University of New Mexico Press.1948)

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Brother Conehead ©

In the Andes there is a place called Pacariqtambo, which means “the dawn tavern”. There were three caves. Within the center cave, Tambo Tocco lived four brothers and four sisters. One carried a staff of pure gold and the brothers and sisters one day decided to travel in four directions and build an empire worthy of Sapa Inca (the child of the Sun).
One brother Ayar Cachi went on boasting about his immense strength and the other brothers could hear even though they were miles away. So they plotted among them and sent a messenger to Ayar Cachi saying only he was worthy to catch the sacred llama that went missing . Ayar Cachi was pleased to be given this assignment and he went back to the cave. He searched everywhere but he could not trace the llama. Instead he found a golden staff. He immediately thought of his brother Ayar Manco. He threw it back in the direction of Ayar Manco.
Next Morning Ayar Manco came out of his hut. Imagine his great astonishment to see his staff at the clearing before the hut! He looked for the one he had kept by his mat. It was gone. At least he had not lost it. He was relieved and completely forgot about the incident. Nor did it remind him of his brother whom he had tricked.
Ayar Manco founded the Inca empire.
Ayar Cachi was turned into a stone while the Inca empire became the greatest empire. It stretched north into modern day Ecuador and Colombia.
One morning Ayar Cachi woke up as though a spell had broken. His head smarted. He felt it and thought there was something peculiar. Only when he went to a stream and while he was about to drink he saw his head was extended like a cone!
Pachamama the Mother earth told him about the rise and fall of the Inca empire. How Atahualpa and his brother Huáscar were tricked by Pizarro and his men. Ayar Cachi’s blood boiled to hear the perfidy of Spaniards. He asked the goddess to give him strength to fight them.
She laughed and said, ‘While you were in a dream sleep I made you a conehead.’ She explained that she wanted to prevent him fight for his siblings who were as perfidious as the Spaniards. ‘With a conehead like yours who shall take you seriously?’ In the end she prevailed over him and made him a keeper of llamas.
As Pachamma had foreseen, the Kingdom of Spain had to suffer all the troubles visited on them by a civil war and the brutal regime of General Franco, Recession etc.,It’s treachery had come a full circle. (July 16, 2012)


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Sorry, the story continues in Almost Aesop, Fables available through Amazon.com-b


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There is yet another scandal brewing concerning the Catholic Church in the Netherlands following allegations, which were published last weekend in the NRC Handelsblad newspaper.
It not only sounds ludicrous as a medical procedure, but in moral terms it’s downright barbarous: castrating young men to “cure” them of their homosexuality. Yet this was how the Roman Catholic Church in the Netherlands treated gays in the 1950s, according to the Dutch newspaper, which claims at least 10 men were forced to go under the knife at the church’s behest. The Dutch parliamentarians are now called to demand an inquiry into the issue, raising questions about whether the church received political cover to take such extreme measures.
The newspaper said the castrations were regarded both as a treatment for homosexuality as well as a punishment for those who accused clergy of sexual abuse. The newspaper said 20-year-old Henk Heithuis had been surgically castrated on the instructions of Catholic priests in 1956 after he told police he was being abused at the Harreveld boarding school in Gelderland. Although the monks were convicted of the abuse, Heithuis was nonetheless sent to a Catholic psychiatric hospital and then castrated. He died two years later in a car crash. How did that conveniently occur? The more we know of the Church the more unsavory and murkier it gets. The Dan Brown’s book pales into insignificance as we get to read of the thugs who are dressed in purple and given a tiara impose their own free will on others. These unctuous fools mouth moral primers for the followers while they practice altogether different.
I can see the opulence of the Cathedrals where monkeys in their cloth rising to give homilies to a congregation of dead. The skeletons receive sacraments by habit and go to their own ways no better than how they went in. This circus shall go on unless the State take concerted steps to treat it as a criminal organization breeding teachings detrimental to good sense and public decency. It is as virulent in their extreme view of treating human lives as trifle as much as Jihadists who coerce children to be suicide bombers are. The West for all its liberal traditions allow these elements to go with impunity taking terrible toll in perverting natural good sense and causing incalculable damage.

tailspin: The newspaper also adds there are strong indications that at least nine other young men were castrated around the same time, either for whistle-blowing or for supposed homosexuality.( Time.com – Mar 23, 2012)

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There is a scandal raging in the heart of Spain and it goes back to the days of Franco.The Church have been accused of colluding with the dictator’s regime. Not surprisingly the role of Church as always have been unsavoury. First the news.
“It is estimated that between 1950 and the early 80’s, 300,000 babies were taken from parents deemed “undesirable” and sold to loyalists of General Franco. This pipeline is also thought to have been orchestrated with direct aid of the Catholic Church in Spain and has left a country wondering the fate of the stolen babies.“and many women have died without learning their children’s fate. Now activists are stepping up pressure on Spain’s justice system to ease their search for answers.
— Emilia Giron never forgot her second son. She wanted to name him Jesus, but he was taken from her in the hospital to be baptized and was never returned.
He was stolen while she was imprisoned by Gen. Francisco Franco’s regime, in the early 1940s, after the country’s bitter civil war.
Giron died at 95 in 2007, five years after telling her story to historian Ricard Vinyes, who was also jailed by the Franco dictatorship. She never found out what happened to Jesus.
Her baby boy was one of thousands of children who were reportedly separated from their parents in the 1940s during a little-known chapter of the repression that followed the 1936-’39 Spanish Civil War, a practice that would have a terrible echo decades later in Argentina’s “dirty war.”
Giron’s ordeal and that of other parents were immortalized by the 2002 documentary “The Lost Children of Franco,”(Ack: Hazel Healy, Los Angeles Times, reporting from Madrid)
Under Franco’s far-right regime, she was considered morally unfit to raise a child because she was the sister of an outlawed guerrilla leader.
Military psychologist Antonio Vallejo-Nagera built the ideological framework for the practice of taking children from their parents. He saw Marxism as a form of mental illness that was polluting the Hispanic race and advocated that children of leftists be removed and re-educated, a process he termed “separating the wheat from the chaff.”( In the Central America the Church have been propagating Liberation Theology in the seventies. There they were forcing Marxist ideology on the faithfuls by perverting the teachings of Jesus. At the heart of it do you see their motives? It would seem the Church were by stealth trying to hit at the very interests of USA. Plying fast and loose with words and obfuscating clear arguments to put the opposition stymied seems Jesuitical but the Catholic theology and its apologists revel in them!)
An unknown number of infants were taken from women’s prisons. In addition, some Republican child evacuees were repatriated without their parents’ consent and interned in Social Aid homes for schooling in religious and nationalist ideology. Many were adopted by right-wing families.
A law passed in 1941 allowed the state to change the surnames of children in their care. Original records were tampered with, destroyed or simply closed to information seekers, and the victims’ past became virtually untraceable.
When Franco died in 1975, the abuses of his regime were swept under the carpet in the interest of a smooth transition to democracy. In a country still littered with unmarked mass graves, the past has remained untouchable and hugely contentious.
Unlike Argentina, Spain has had no truth commission or trials.
In 2008, Spanish Judge Balthazar Garzon catapulted the fate of the “lost children” into the public spotlight as part of a wider investigation of human rights abuses during Franco’s 37-year dictatorship. I am almost certain he must have been eased out for his courage.
Tailpiece: Consider the atrocities perpetrated in areas where the Catholic Church have authority: Italy, Ireland,Spain. Looking at each of these places unable to come out of their low economic status is it possible to make a connection between the Church and the State? What has sapped from them the spirit of enterprise and bold initiative one that you find in Germany or in the North? Spirit of the individual bled white with the obscurantist ideas,- and wherever possible his children abused and their innocence compromised, make up the citizenry. The citizen still educated has something missing out deep down. How do these individuals add to the country when they cannot even get rid of their feeling of unworthiness? What ideals can a country of such wounded and skewed mindset uphold?
Franco the dictator is still revered for his boldness and achievements. It must be the boldness of a rapist who having violated the moral purity of the nation at which some fools sing the praise of his patriotism! Personally I consider the Church guilty of crimes more foul than actual murder. There are spiritual ghouls, frocked and unctous in their tomfoolery, and yet mouthing homelies. What is more they also want to be called abbe or father!
In the way the Spanish government have turned a blind eye to these crimes against Spanish mothers reveal they are as guilty as the Church. When shall the guilty ones brought to justice?

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