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Water could be in three states: but which state is its true state? Each state is a reality that is in direct context of ultimate reality, one aspect of the Golden Pagoda. We shall have no difficulty in looking at these one and the same, under certain conditions.
Let us look at a snowflake.
Snowflakes could be formed by molecules of water vapor at the freezing temperature from a series of incidents: molecules now spin in a stately rhythm with free- wheeling dust, then scudding topsy-turvy upon other molecules and in the ensuing scramble give each particle of dust a shape. No two identical shapes are produced in the above process. Dance of the molecules has its clear design though tempo may vary. If the crystal is like a composition of ferns it will have six- out pointing leaves; if like a star- fish, it will have six ribs. Out of synergy or Oneness what any material form assumes ( no matter whether one considers the form of man or a fish or a fern) has its own specific features.
When we try to figure out transmigration of souls as some religions explain the hereafter, we need to see the soul occupies the place of the grit around which forms are shaped.
Majority of people across the globe reveres Dalai Lama as a spiritual leader; but how he represents to the Tibetans and to the world at large holds a difference. Those Tibetans in exile or those who are left behind see him as a reincarnation of the last lama. He is the 14th of his line. As a living lama he represents to them the centre that holds their cultural and national identity together. In other words his soul carries different shades of meaning.
But soul of Dalai Lama is not borrowed clothes of any lama dead and gone but something that can bear the weight of all those lamas who had gone before him. Even if he chose to live a life differently it validates such a change.
His soul at a point of time carried a particular shade of meaning. That is all.


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