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The day Messaih, The Anointed One, came to Jerusalem the populace welcomed the prince with great jubilation. As a mark of respect the president let all the prisoners free. Rabbi Benn Weiss was there to watch the festivities. While talking with Mordecai the security chief, whose office had become redundant one prisoner saw the much dreaded police chief and jumped in panic. The security chief commented he was a prisoner who was shut up for revealing the secret nuclear program of the government. “He blew the whistle loud and clear.”he said.
“You mean he told the truth?” The rabbi could not believe it. Later they met one who sidled up to the chief and said,”I have some news to inform. Wanna hear?”
“ Shoo! Scram!” bellowed Mordecai. The rabbi asked if he wasn’t interested in hearing him. “Now I am a free man. I dont’t wish to hear from a stool pigeon even if it were truth.”


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