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The head of the family was an angel. So pure and highminded the Ancient of the Days called him one day and said,” Down to the earth you go!” He ordered,” this instant.”
Me- Righteous, the angel took the form of a Native Indian and before he could count the toes of his feet he had got a family and three children. What’s more he had Hurons for neighbors. Me-Righteous counselled Hurons how to plant corn and skin furs from otters; he taught them many useful things with which the tribe prospered. Naturally Me-Righteous become the patriarch. Everyday he taught his three sons: they were highminded, righteous and men of peace. One son taught the Hurons to trade and the second how to negotiate with those who were contrary. The third taught them to build settlements and manage lands. Under their guidance the tribe prospered. It was least expected but the French came to the scene and they had powerful muskets and technology that impressed the Hurons. They had to make peace with them in order to suvive. The Iroquois being envious of the Hurons instantly allied with the Dutch who also had firearms and lethal weapons.
Old Me-Righteous was old and by the time he woke up he found the whole area up in arms and blood was being shed wholesale. He called his three sons and faulted them for letting matter slide into blood feud.
“ How come you have failed me?” the old man asked in bitter tears.
“Oh father we shall answer you after you put the same question to the Great Spirit in the Blue Yonder,”replied the eldest son.
There is something mighty peculiar: We rear our children with the best of intentions and give them every advantage our moral sense is capable of. Yet we fail to stop the evil from coming in. A Bermuda triangle into which, our ‘goodness’ disappears and none can be individually held responsible for.


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Scientists say that there is a black hole in our deep space sucking everything within its proximity. Not even light can escape if close enough to it. Curiously still in the heart of the universe scientists formulate a hypothesis that there would be a white hole, the fountainhead of matter. In all probability these two holes taken together must explain the life and death of everything. These two holes are somehow connected by a wormhole. Think of these like a string of beads into which every matter is hung, not in conventional sense of course, but nevertheless connected.
In order to explain let me point out the Bermuda Triangle around Puerto Rica trench. Exactly opposite to it is Dragon’s Trench off the coast of Japan. This is also incidentally located around Mariana Trench. What connects them? A wormhole that extends as far as deep space and beyond?
A cosmic impact may smash the Earth to powder, we would explain it as chance. But if these debris are collected and a new planet should come into being what you would call that? Certainty?
If we should die and continue our existence in some other form, spiritual bodies or as influences can we call death as a sad joke? I mentioned these to show our wisdom is far short of the Wisdom and Power that works on infinite scale. Science explains How but can they say for certainty Why?

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