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We as human race have shown one particulat trait that is a very serious flaw. we are Half-Half. Half cynic and Half sentimental.

We are prepossessingly cold eyed in the way we can turn a quick buck while fouling up our cradle*. It doesn’t speak well for mankind who can write such nostalgic pieces extolling one’s native hearth without batting an eyelid. It is like Oedipus writing ‘Life With Father’ as told to his mother.

We are romantic and cynical at the same time that even Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde will have difficulty to adjust among us.

At the turn of last half of 19th century the cry heard among the dudes,’Go West, young man.’ Now what with melting ice caps the cry seems to be among nations,’What is in it for us?’

The way we commemorate our combined greed for having despoiled the Earth resources is sickening. All we need is an eulogy by some President at a $1000 dollar a plate Memorial dinner for  the Artic Ice Cap that silently vanished forever from view.

Our facination with little green alien saying ‘Take me to your chief ‘ shall soon be moved out of the realm of fantasy. We may conquer planets in space and claim our spheres of influence in outerspace. We shall scour the planets and defoliate  flora and fauna that may exist there. We shall also easily convince ourselves we have done no damage. We see with our perceived concepts of today and destroy what is the cradle of life in manner beyond our imagination. If we have dared to carpet bomb or use napalam on earth it stands to reason we shall try much more virulent chemicals in order to turn up Industrially viable alternatives that the earth may find use for.

We are poets who ‘Howl'(sorry Ginsburg, you didn’t live to see the bozos making a meal of the earth. What you howled against were the beginning of the end.)  One part of us shall churn out sentimental pieces: we shall play  the Carpenter and the Walrus while we dine on little aliens to our satisfaction.

Let me quote from the Yahoo News:

the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) said

“The prospect of the Arctic being navigable during summer months, leading to both shorter shipping routes and access to untapped energy resources, has impelled the Chinese government to allocate more resources to Arctic research,” SIPRI researcher Linda Jakobson said.

Canada, Denmark, Norway, Russia and the United States are already at odds over how to divvy up the Arctic riches, claiming overlapping parts of the region — estimated to hold 90 billion untapped barrels of oil — and wrangling over who should control the still frozen shipping routes.
* Imagine we thought of using the moon as giant billboard for products as service to some multinational companies. With such mindset you think galaxies would nudge our sense of wonder?


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