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The dolphin on a steady diet of micro-granules of plastic and after a loss of her sucklings due to several miscarriages said all in a fluster, “Oh I am carrying a dangerous cargo.”  She added, “My self control is gone and my bile is up !” Like a banshee she screamed,”Death to the foul fiend whose heart is a cash box and his  soul as silly as plastic!” She dived to the bottom and the ape at last made bed in a pile of plastic he had happily made ubiquitous.” Aesop at the end said, “You will call it poetic justice.” Pie the monkey said in an injured tone, “There you killed me off once again!” He was wroth.


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The dolphin invited the hapless monkey to hop on to his back and he instantly parked himself. The dolphin got him talking while he headed to the bank of the great river and there were papyrus chocking the side and he said,” Clever of you to have found use for them. A ship made of papyrus. Safe for the environment” Instantly the monkey said with a quiver,” Safe but there is no money in it.” He waxed eloquent as he spoke of his business acumen and said “,’plastic’ is what make an ape really the king of the jungle.” The dolphin was shocked and asked, if he were truly serious. “We dolphin never had a decent meal since the plastic got into our diet somehow. “So you are behind choking our waterways with the damn nuisance?” The ape tried to make him see the profit side. “What profit is that kills your future?”

“I find you a plastic-sceptic” the monkey said still in a shock.

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The monkey cried loud enough and long enough till a dolphin came up to enquire: “Are you in trouble?”

The monkey shed fresh tears, “My life is in danger and my fortune, lay at the bottom of the Nile. How can I not cry?”

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Once a monkey went selling his wares in a boat made of papyrus. Half way the boat sprung a leak and the monkey howled for all his worth, “Help! Help!”

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The Dolphin and the Monkey

The ship went down with all the passengers except a monkey. He struggled hard to keep his head above water but went down once and managed to come up again. He cried, ‘Oh terrible to die!’ He went once more down and grew weaker with effort. ‘Had I only learned to swim!’he gasped and prayed. ‘As the captain of the industry I should have organized life guards to the ship. And I would have survived this terrible fate!’
The monkey cried bitter tears. At that moment a dolphin surfaced out of nowhere. He swam upto the monkey and said, ‘Don’t cry! you are making things worse.’
The monkey said,’I began as a bond trader. I made millions. If I die what will I do with my off-shore accounts? My private jet? Or fleet of limos waiting round the clock to take me to places?’
The dolphin was friendly and asked the monkey to climb on its back. ‘I am Mr. Silverbacks. CEO of Golden Showers.’
‘Real Gold, I suppose?’ The dolphin asked conversationally. ‘Yeah, the Bank.’

The dolphin said, ‘When the Lehman brothers went bust I knew my services would be needed.’
‘Sure you came not too soon.’ Mr.Silverbacks snapped, drying himself.
The dolphin went on with swimming, ‘Think of the bright things in life. It will take your mind off depressing things like death by drowning, starving poor, unemployment, recession’.
Immediately Mr. Silverbacks sat up erect. He chuckled and said,’You know what was my bonus last year?’
The dolphin said, ‘You tell me.’
‘390 millions.’ Dolphin whistled and said, ‘You must have really earned it?’
‘I sure did,’ Mr. Silverbacks said with a grin, ‘I took the risk didn’t I? Short term profits and public losses that came on a slow boat. Once I had taken my cut what do I care?’
The dolphin shivered and said he was carrying a dangerous cargo. He told his passenger,’ You are upsetting me, my morals I mean. Think of future, I helped since I have certain values in life.’
‘Values! Poppycock! Show me the color of your money. I will tell you what they are worth.’ The monkey was sure, ‘Don’t go through life on altruism. Greed made the world. I can help you make the switch.’
‘No you don’t!’ the dolphin just dived leaving the monkey to his fate.

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