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Roman Polanski arrived  in Zurich to receive a lifetime achievement award from a film festival. There was an arrest warrant pending and it had for more than 30 years not served on him. On a nod from the Swiss Justice Ministry the Swiss police arrested the famous director last Saturday.
A complicated legal process awaits all sides as the United States sought to secure his extradition for having sex in 1977 with a 13-year-old girl, and fleeing to France a year later.
Before law the famous, rich and ordinary people are all equal. The dirty heel of Law makes justice questionable when it has dragged its feet for so long. What if the 13 year old girl had expressed her unwillingness to pursue the matter? Should Law exact its pound of flesh or dispense justice to cases more pressing and important ? Roman Polanski, undoubtedly crossed the boundaries of decency to subject the girl to sex under champagne and drugs. Was he a habitual predator ever since?
Considering the long lapse of Justice to make an example of him for public morality when it could have had some weight, what this arrest serves her? OJ Simpson had it coming with a public outcry against him, and now Roman Polanski ise to be thrown to the wolves.  Yes his lifestyle sex,drugs are like rags before some bureaucratic busybodies. Isn’t there vindictiveness more than genuine love for law in operation here? Does this arrest gives a clear message Law is impartial? No I don’t think so.
Does it not smell rather foul given some unsavory circumstances of the director’s escape? I understand there was a plea bargain on the cards? I read also about vindictiveness of a minion of law who reneged on the bargain.
Given Roman Polanski’s childhood trauma and Law’s inability to serve Justice either on the director or to the girl in time he should be allowed to live out his life in self-exile. The USA is better off without him as he is better off being not  subjected to their peculiar notions of moral code. In treating art and the fallen alike France still earns my respect.This is my opinion.
Now I hold no brief for the Swiss notion of justice or for their cultural maturity. When I hear Switzerland all I can recall is Orson Welles summing up of their greatness in The Third Man. I  suppose strictly speaking cuckoo clocks come not from Switzerland proper but from the border around Black Forest area. Switzerland , in any case has for long spoken ill of. A similar fate awaits them if they are to play the cat’s paw for other nations.

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