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“….But lost in a clamor of sects my mind
Can no more know than from a crack’d mirror.”(quatrain #92)


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Who pedals the wheels of time to ov’rturn

Glory of man gone to rack and ruin?

The titles and honors he had amassed

Are laid a-heap left for the worms to scorn.


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In that narrow divide we pass over

The living one day must for death shudder;

Where the blessed and the damned unite

Under the White Throne all souls quake with fear.



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Your voice like strings plucked, and words

You intone give new meaning to the bards;

By your loveliness surround we may yet

Transported anywhere, a-winging like birds.


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Gone are those Movers and Shakers of yore

They had their day and shall trouble us no more;

Let Rustom holler or Hatim Tai plead,

Never mind- They are all in death done for.

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Of the very substance,- Ah dust I am,

Veiled, the light of wisdom is but dim:

Its sovereign rays penetrate however,

Dispers’d through my sentient flesh, a prism.


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As key to lock is Night to Light without;

It is all in context my dear sirs: Doubt

Profound shall not measure up to the pith

Of divine purpose nor Will cancel out.

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