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The Buck glowed with strange fires, and it followed with unerring sense the track of the doe. But in his wake rose up puffs of points of light with colors that struck the ravens with foreboding. It was not part of their calculation.
“What are they?” Null shrilled.
Knull said,” I am stumped. I guess these are spun off from all that energy the tree acquired in defining Space and Time. Nothing more we can do but watch how these develop?”
Null went blank and snapped out of its spell screaming “The Ghost Runners!”
Later he asked,” What put that thought into my mind?”
“It of course! But what worries me more than anything else, “Who is dead here anyway?”
Knull had reason to feel puzzled. ‘How can there be ghosts without death as a reality?’
Or were they angels, flames of fire spun out of Will (or Thought?)
The ghost runners were as incidental as humans transfer parasites evolved alongside through many cycles of their birth.

End of Prologue


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The Cosmic Tree suddenly stopped and lights went out. Silence broken by great flapping that shook its branches. The tree lurched from its base and two silhouettes could be seen. Two giant ravens black as hell and eyes glowing with out of the world fires.
One raven, “what think you belong here?” The other: “I am the thing itself, The Being.”
“ I am its Thought. The first raven, “What Thought?”
The Raven“ I think Caribou.” A steady murmur overtook the tree. Soon it was like a pneumatic drill going on and light dimming and brightening. The second raven looked around to see the base slowly showing a silhouette, that of a colossal Caribou!

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I hate to break it to you,

Time barriers you have broken again

Just when the thought zipped 

Between synapses and darkling zero


Defy your borders and laws

Of this earthly molehill-No harm done: 

Levitate to the pulsar’s heartbeats 

where time zooms forward only

to bounce back into daylight saving

Where we wind in synchronized motion

Our thoughts to actions So we may be seen

And understood.

You have broken barriers and 

Yet you have been gathered as one

To the dying throbs of solar flare.

You were Methusaleh once:

Time barriers you broke

Between synapses of your thought and  exit

Oh native son, you have come back,

Your soup is getting cold.

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Thought and Memory©

It was twilight. Hugin and Munin as usual perched on the broad shoulders of Odin to recite the day’s events. The raven that represented Thought said: “What I said to you in the strictest confidence should remain so, within your godhead. Not even Memory has the right to hear it.”
Odin laughed and said: “I know. This is just what Memory told me. He also insisted that you had no right to hear what news he passed on in strictest confidence.”
When Memory was confronted with stealing his thunder Munin flapped his wings and said: “Your thunder! I merely spoke my mind.”
*There is nothing new under the sun.

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