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Descartes said, ‘I think therefore I am’. Is thought all that defines man of his being?
Self of man is rooted in the very consciousness of his or her world. Even in the womb a child is conscious of a world, which is part of another world. Its floating world is kind of a reality. It may not think or know of a far wider world lying beyond. Even so it is in development, a growth process beginning and end of which no one may determine for certainty. A newborn enters the world with little control over its body and having no thinking faculties so to speak. Is not the baby still a being in its own right?
Ability to think alone does not define the essence of a being.
With great advances in our understanding of physiology we may now put the origin of thoughts, movements as belonging properly in the realm of physiology. Similarly a foetus linked to its mother by an umbilical chord while within the womb is a matter of physiology. But what makes it draw air in its lungs the moment the umbilical chord is cut off  belongs to something else. What gave it a foreknowledge of a world that must be breathed in?
A baby has already certain experience of the outside world and it is picked up through the medium of its mother. By the same token we are conscious of a world, an inner world through the medium of our corporeal bodies.
Thinking only gives a handle to what impressions we may have of other worlds. It cannot however prove its existence or disprove it.

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If every life has its absolute position what of trees or grass? Do they have an absolute position? Let me explain with a story.
The mighty king who had lorded over a large part of Asia lay dying. At the height of his glory when he sat on his Judgment Seat all those who approached him knew they were before an all too powerful king. A nod from his head spelt death for any one. A smile of course made the supplicant think Fortune indeed smiled on him. Such a man when he lay dying called with a weak voice his chief counselor to his bedside. He whispered something to him who immediately sent his servant to fetch.
It was a piece of paper folded and secured with a ribbon.
The dying king carefully opened the paper and stared at it. Then with a smile he said, “I came across a rosebush in one of my hunting trips, some forty years ago. There was one perfect yellow rose and the sight of it still in bloom bespoke something very significant. Not a day have I passed without having thought of its beauty.”
The yellow rose was no longer yellow but was withered and ugly. “ As if he had read the thought of his servant the king explained:” I myself see this after so many years. Yet it still retains its freshness and mystery in my mind.” Yes the physical reality showed the yellow rose as withered and spoilt. Yet it lived in the mind of the mighty king as though it had never suffered the hurts of Time.
Every life form lowly or grand, crawling or flying, man or woman have an other-worldly existence to which we may collectively describe as an inner world. It is a spiritual existence on which Time holds no sway.
One might call it Mind of God, paradise or something else. Yet we are all freedmen in that kingdom.

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