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A question

Q:What have  Tiger Woods and Toyota in common?

A: Both show up something weird when they hit the road. One  is recalled for fixing and the other is in the doghouse.

Tailspin: by the way the only sport Mrs. Woods claims to play  is the way she swings her golf club. She calls it her sport but I call it anger management.


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Life on a material plane is a question of moral dilemma. Every childhood is mapping out possibilities from opportunities very limited. A child who is encouraged to imitate a role model may want to be like its peer. Young Tiger Woods will thus take to golfing under the guiding hands of his father. A child having careful nurture has a better chance of settling on a career than one who is neglected. Once he realizes in what direction his talents lay will he not make his chance count? Without thousands hours of practice and carefully going over his shots and perfecting his swing Tiger Woods would not have amounted to much. Being a world class player has its own niche to enrich the lives of many others. If Tiger Woods could enthuse another to follow his lead this question of moral dilemma largely is settled. With so much of sweat and tears that man gives on regular basis for himself and for others the moral dilemma is left to the other who knows only to take or feather one’s nest on someone else’s labor. 2

How much of my body with its appetites low or sublime should be allowed to take the lead while soul is all the time rapping within for getting itself heard? This question is solely left to my discretion and not over to others. Period.


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