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Space and Time as an idea.
As rational beings we conceive time to separate two events that impress on our consciousness. By the time man has seen them as such there has been many events occurring elsewhere and his concept of time naturally is invalidated since he has no grasp of their significance. I shall illustrate this by a simple analogy. It takes 8 minutes for the light to travel from the sun and to impress on our retina. Even as we think we are counting time there are events actually happening around us to which we have no inkling off. But what if a bullet shot two blocks away by one ricochets and strikes us? What occurred elsewhere and significance of which was lost to us, is connected to our timeframe. As much as we may account for and place these events in our context there are many more that are so far removed from us to be of relevant to us. Even so these events separated by time can only be understood as relative to us. How the destruction of rainforests whether in the Amazon basin or in Indonesia creates chain of events and is integrated into our time frame in another corner of the earth is at best relative.
Consider how far back in space or time we can go and we would be still far short of the idea of Time or Space.
I used the capitals here to account for all the time frames that may be used by others simultaneously in relation to our time frame.
If there is a valid time frame for me there shall be Time that validate every other time frame elsewhere. If my will has determined time as a concept to separate two events it is possible that there is a Will in control of Time and Space.Our abstract thinking validates such a supposition.
Is it not then valid if I attribute that Will to God? God as a concept since we can work at best with concepts.

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