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Toots Shor, a New York restaurateur once hailed a taxi cab and asked the driver, “Know of a decent restaurant? I am a stranger here.”
“Yes sir” said the cabbie, “one of the greatest eating places in this world is Toots Shor on 51st street. I’ll drive you straight there.”
At the end of the ride Toots was so pleased he handed the driver a ten dollar bill saying, “Keep the change.”
“T’anks,” said the driver, “T’anks indeed, Mr. Shor!”
Ellsworth Statler, founder of th Statler Hotels was out in town one night with Baron Long, another hotel director. At a late hour the two men found themselves in the railway station. Statler viewing the vast, almost vacant expanse had an inspiration.
“I’ll bet you $100,” said he to Long, “that I can yell louder than you can.”
Both let yells one after another which almost shattered the station windows. At this point an outraged policeman came running towards them.
The pair told him about the bet and asked him to act as judge.
“Sure I ought to run you in,” spluttered the cop, “two grown men making such a row. I’ll not help you decide anything.”
He started to leave, then turned back and pointing to Statler, the smaller of the two and said,” But I tell you one thing. If that little guy hollers like that again, I’ll shoot you both!”
Whereupon Long solemnly handed Staler $100.


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