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Brahma’s Elephant ©

Brahma once went visiting. His mind was in a whirl and not realizing he  stopped over at some place. Absent mindedly he tied his elephant to a tree. But when he thought he would continue his journey he could not find what tree it was. He called for Shiva. The god of destruction produced a seed and said that it was from the tree to which the animal was tied. Brahma was incredulous but Shiva assured that he would soon find it. Shiva held the seed out. In a trice it was swallowed up. 

Something of that seed disagreed with the animal and he trumpeted with an ear splitting din. “ Oh chaos has broken loose!” cried the Creator-God as the animal broke wind. A Big Bang it was.



The seed came out in cataclysmic force. In its wake came energy making every form visible! Lo and behold there stood his elephant! The animal was still chained to the tree and there were many universes growing out of the tree.

What seemed chaos was Brahma’s idle thought. It requires energy for translating thoughts into action. A form signifies certain transaction in levels of energy.



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As a Christian and humanist I believe God as the creator of the cosmos. Man as a  steward has his place whatever be his belief, gender, age or status.  What was God’s command to Adam regarding his creation? He gave dominion of all the beasts of the field, birds, herbs to Adam. (He didn’t say,’ slash and burn rainforests for quick profits’.) In that command lay the moral essence of man.
When one neglects one’s moral sense one is setting a trap for oneself.  Since I had cited Napoleon in an earlier post let me come back to him. Napoleon neglected his role as a steward. His ambition and his brilliance as a strategist got in the way, I suppose. In terms of transactional energy Napoleon could marshal energy of all those who followed him to battle or who espoused his cause in the Chamber of Deputies. Bonapartism was a force to reckon with. For example at first there were 100 deputies in the French Chamber. But by 1898 there were none. Bonapartism was dead within 77 years after his death. He was weighed in the balance of morality and found wanting.
Moral sense when properly put to use earns you dividends.
Tailspin: Man is body and spirit. As he sows while in body must reap in that inner world I shall name as Spirit world. Transactional energy is directional in that no victor can rest on his laurels. He must move on as the Little Corporal did. Moral Sense operating in the Spirit Realm makes use of men and events as a warning to all. Energy is its weapon.

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Energy is neither created nor destroyed. Recalling Einstein’s famous formula a small mass of matter when converted releases tremendous amount of energy. All that energy mankind has ever possessed or shall, owe to what was released at the time of the Big Bang.
Evolution in a manner of speaking is a transaction of so many species with energy as  bills of exchange.
Like the gold standard to which currency of nations are tied, species competes one another to get the best deal.
Naturalists reckon land animals under the existing conditions, could hold a weight of 100 tons but no animal has come anywhere near that mark. ‘Small is beautiful’ is the message the size of animals seems to indicate. Trimmer they are, less energy they shall need to expend we might say.
Since every life form utilizes energy one might say mankind is connected or bonded to serve one another. Each of us is a consumer and how much we spent or gained are matters that shall be resolved when Reconciliation of Energy takes place. Here is one proof of our footprint that is set in Time and Space. Like the footprints of dinosaurs who are extinct, still arouse intense interest among the fossil hunters and scientists alike.

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