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Ac.I sc.4 line 50 onwards


(aside) This Flynn thing gonna blow up! I am the Prez-

They will haul me and call me names of course;

I said ‘Comey must go’, Stars hide your fires

Many other men ‘ll follow ere I am done.

The eye wink at my hand though be little

Which the eye fears, when it is done, to see

My decrees obstruction go away!

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Two wily foxes saw a cow munching her way through all the way to Capitol Hill. The foxes were mighty impressed. ‘Get a load of that udder?’ one fox ruddy  as they come,-  a red fox naturally, and he confidentially added, ‘bait and switch bait and switch made it at least three pails full’ The other fox  said,”We will follow her and who knows we shall be there when she drops her udder.” The fox called Rudi said, “I know I am an old hand at picking up the pieces.”


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