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In my previous posts where I examined the Big Picture I had formulated several principles to underpin my theories. Conjugation principle,Inversion Principle,Uncertainty Principle,Cluster Principle and so on. There is one principle of which I had till now held back. What is Clean Slate principle? In order to explain it let me point out from the night sky.

There are several billions of stars, light of  which when added up must make the sky bright. Yet it does not. Supernovae of star sends materials helter-skelter across space creating new stars in its wake. Background radiation of the Big Bang still reaches us. With such persistence cosmic events leave their signature around. This being the case why we see the night still dark as though the light sent forth from stars is blotted out by an unseen hand? The sky, in a manner of speaking has become a clean slate.

Science explains this  as due to the nature of universe expanding at a rate that starlight shall not make the night seen as day. The nature of Day is as distinct as Night is the exclusion of light is. Day and Night are distinctly apart.  Nature of Truth as distinct from Falsehood is. In  short we have to see in the Objective Lessons of Nature, what makes them valid. Nature as a mirror to Truth. Man makes truth of Nature, truth of Experience, and Truth of Action  to justify himself. Absolute Value of Truth is not what he can demonstrate. Even so it is in context of Truth.

The Clean Slate Principle refers to Absolute certainties against which every finite value has to come up against. Thus we use our free will to explain the nature of evil. Do we not use sophistry to explain that God as Omniscient Being must have known evil beforehand?  If He knows evil He cannot be Good? We weave our own ropes of reason to hang ourselves with.

In the analogy of night sky light supplied by various sources is still rendered as though these were null owing to the expanding sky. Similarly in the run off of march of events supplied by good and evil motives, consciousness of evil on God’s part is negated by power and wisdom of God. He is not the conscience keeper of the evil one. Bad motives come from a different source than good motives that a man keeps and acts upon are in keeping with His commandments. So man who suffers like a wrongdoer for the good that he did out of good conscience is in His keeping.   Clean Slate principle makes God free from any unfairness or *impartiality(cf.post of 8 May 2010) .

The Clean Slate principle states that we create evil, result of our finite nature. According to Cluster principle evil creates much more:  misery is another byproduct. The Clean Slate Principle states that evil resulting from man’s free will remains at finite level. Absolute value of Truth is undimmed by finiteness of truth we demonstrate.

God remains inviolate because of this principle.

God as Truth is not made any whit less because of truth as demonstrated by man.

It is in the nature of God, because God is  Love, to exercise this principle. Though our sins be as scarlet the Clean Principle can render as white as snow, to use a Biblical expression. This principle is in conformity with conjugation principle.

PS. Day is distinct from Night. Light of the Sun makes Day and Night though littered with stars and visible to us, is still Night. In this connection let me point out some men due to some accidents in their biology may be effeminate or genetically feminine. Has God gone wrong? In His eyes they are as distinct as man from woman is. God looks at the soul that is according to the Clean Slate Principle makes man and woman, distinct and clean. To God there is no confusion as we may have.


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Is Chance a card up in the sleeve of Life?
One may interpret Life as Oneness of Things, God or any other. Now Chance is quite something else. Let me cite two examples. In the case of Archimedes he discovered a secret of his physical world while he had his bath. The secret was always there,- only that his inspiration cracked it open while he was engaged in a very mundane act of a bath. Isaac Newton similarly hit upon another secret- the law of attraction, while an apple fell to the ground. Chance is not chance if the secret was bound to be broken given the possibility displacement of water occurs every time. Thus Archimedes needed time but discover he did to solve a problem that he was faced with.
By the same token mutation is not chance but a certainty that is bound to happen given the various factors that bear upon a copying process.
Consider the earth some 500 million years ago,-The atmosphere of earth had little or no oxygen at all to begin with. What processes would have gone make it life- friendly would have also led to the building blocks of proteins,- sugars, nucleic acids and amino acids. In such a ‘serendipitous’ sequence of events creation of a crucial compound called DNA on one hand and mutation on other hand were likely to happen. Life originated with DNA. For all these to happen it may have taken some 100 million years. Uniqueness of dioxyribonucleic acid lies in the fact that it can replicate itself; It also acts as a blueprint for manufacture of amino acids. DNA has only four basic molecules arranged in a particular sequence which specifies how the twenty or so amino acids should be arranged in a particular protein, how much is to be made and when. During the DNA copying process, a fault may occur due to varying reasons but what results out of an imperfect copy of DNA are proteins of different sequence-mutation it is called- giving rise to evolution. Chance is worked into evolution. Mutation is as a result of Ultraviolet rays, gamma radiations and sometimes certain chemicals also could often have interrupted the DNA copying process: all these occurring at the level of genes or a set of genes do not stretch the credulity considering the millions of years it has taken for life-forms to evolve. The main point is that while life-forms got altered DNA itself has remained unaltered.
Chance is the froth, a kind of smokescreen that working of several certainties impinge upon our consciousness. Oneness of Things works on certainty since Truth is the restframe against which it can lay down its absolutism. If the Holy Spirit writes, God created heaven and earth in the beginning it is based on certainty. Certainty of Truth. Godhead cannot deny itself and be absolute. Whereas our rational mind wrestles with truth of nature. Hence we support Evolution from a mode that I aver is uncertain mode. In such a mode chance seems as good as a rational mind, imperfect at that, can support.

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Hero was the first stranger whom the barbarians around the Greek mainland had seen and they were struck by his majestic appearance. They begged him to settle down in their midst and he did. The newcomer was curious about the mount whose top was lost in clouds. They pointed out to Mt. Athos and said only gods could ascent there. They naturally thought he was a god among men.
He climbed as much as he could go and brought down a skin of a legendary snake, which was as white as milk. His gift the barbarians brought to the temple as a token of their gratitude to Athena, the goddess of Wisdom.
Years later Hero’s son took to the mount to bring the pelt of a badger the color of which was unlike anything they had ever seen. It was again consecrated to their goddess. With each generation these rough and barbaric nation became more refined and powerful to the envy of neighboring nations. In their eyes their advancing civilization had something to do with newer heights that Hero’s lineage reached, which was farther than the previous achievements. The kind of presents they brought from the mountain got more precious and rare.
Among the descendants of Hero no one was considered heroic and almost godlike than Sisyphus. On the day he came to manhood he declared that he will go farther than all. Before taking on the mountain he sacrificed before the altar of Athena for a prosperous climb. The goddess was pleased with him that he reached the top. He picked as the custom was, a gift: the only gift which was found scattered at the peak.
On reaching the ground he presented a bag full of shells before the temple priest who looked at them for a while. Instead of being happy he grew red in the face and swore that it was indeed a dishonor to Athena.
“Why go all the way to bring some common sea shells?” The shells indeed were what the inhabitants used to spread over the roads.
“What a waste of time and effort?” they said in unison. Sisyphus could only reply, “ This was what lay at the top.”
It was greeted by thunderous guffaws of priests and common people who pushed him as far as to the city gates. Throwing him out of their midst they closed the gate.
When the winged Nike told the goddess what had happened she said that the people did wrong to Sisyphus. His gift of shells was a remainder to their source. Once the sea had covered all over their land. She said,“ A mountain may be taken for holy but still cannot remove its connection with common things.“
Truth of experience is such that each generation raises itself on the shoulder of the previous generation. Man may make home in the intergalactic colonies in future and yet he shall only reveal the truth of his nature: he is mortal, he has feet of clay. In other words if we have pursued war in order to possess material riches for ourselves on the earth we shall as nations pursue the same elsewhere.

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When masks, were first introduced as part of dramatic prop in the plays it was greeted with derision. In the Archaic age a Greek tragic poet once insisted on an actor to wear one and he was told he was making a monkey out of his audience. The actor who was to play the role of a victim of misfortune was sure it would be a waste. He said,  “I can cry at will. This mask would make me look a fool”. The poet argued a mask was needed to express his ideas that he dared not say in public. Those tyrants who ruled many of the city-states or polis in those days forbade criticism so the mask was one way of expressing truth.
Truth is what we all seek but do we really understand what we are searching for? Only way we can make any sense of it is in our daily interaction with others. Our life is that mask.
* Our bodies are made of cells, tissues, bones. In short we are corporeal beings. In a visible, material universe this material body helps us to function more effectively. Truth of nature seeks out truth in a manner of speaking. Our relevance is still measured against an absolute standard: Truth. What would that mean? Truth of nature is incomplete, and we rely on it merely for our daily things, and to get on in life. Truth of nature helps us for a place in the sun.

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