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A legend that had persisted from the age of Three Dynasties in China related to the existence of a curious Sun- disk. Some were certain it was dropped from the sky. Others were sure it was the Will of heaven. No one could agree what it was.
It was a day’s journey so Confucius set out to see it, accompanied by his grand son Tsesze.
It was a large monolithic stone with large opening at the centre. In order to examine it in detail they had to negotiate their way over a series of stones laid across a stretch of shallow stream. At every turn they found that they could see through that opening a changing scenery which was like inspecting a large scroll painting. They stood there awed by the scenic beauty for long.
As darkness fell they realized that instead of looking at the celestial object they spent time admiring the view. It reminded them of their own backyard. Before they turned to leave Tsesze asked his grand father,” Is it not curious that we wasted coming here? Just as though we were at home?” Later Confucius observed ‘We seek Nature’s Order behind everyday reality. Instead we let our senses trick us.’He added Nature use man’s senses as first line of defense. So man with uncultivated mind would stop there and look beyond. Nature has her mysteries and it is not for all. We are scholars and even so how easily we are beguiled?’
Nature opens her secrets only to those who have devoted to keep the Will of heaven natural and sacred. Indeed they are sages.

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